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Lv1. That's means you can truly have 149 points for anything you want.
I couldn't find a list for SL1-usable DLC equipment and spells, so I found them:

Valorheart - Knight's Ring, Hunter's Ring/Carthus Milk Ring

Onyx Blade - Knight's Ring, Hunter's Ring/Carthus Milk Ring, Scholar Ring, Priestess Ring

Crow Quills - Hunter's Ring, Carthus Milk Ring

Milwood Battle Axe - Knight's Ring/Two-Handed

Follower Javelin - Knight's Ring/Two-Handed, Hunter's Ring/Carthus Milk Ring

Friede's Great Scythe - Hunter's Ring, Carthus Milk Ring, Scholar Ring, Priestess Ring

Follower Torch - Knight Ring/Two-Handed

Pyromancer's Parting Flame - Knight's Ring, Scholar Ring, Priestess Ring

Follower Sabre - Hunter's Ring

Crucifix of the Mad King - Knight's Ring, Two-Handed, Priestess Ring

Dragonhead Shield - Knight's Ring, Scholar Ring, Priestess Ring

Gael's Greatsword - Knight's Ring, Two-Handed, Hunter's Ring/Carthus Milk Ring

Harald Curved Greatsword - Knight's Ring, Two Handed, Hunter's Ring, Carthus Milk Ring

Lothric War Banner - Knight's Ring/Two-Handed, Hunter's Ring

Murky Hand Scythe - Hunter's Ring/Carthus Milk Ring, Scholar Ring, Priestess Ring

Murky Longstaff - Scholar Ring

Preacher's Right Arm - Knight's Ring/Two-Handed, Scholar Ring

Ringed Knight Spear - Knight's Ring/Two-Handed, Hunter's Ring, Carthus Milk Ring

Ringed Knight Straight Sword - Knight's Ring, Two-Handed, Hunter's Ring

Follower Shield

Ethereal Oak Shield - Knight's Ring

Frozen Weapon - Scholar Ring

Flame Fan - Scholar Ring, Priestess Ring



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Bare @ssed Intensifies!
Deprived is survive , sl 82 , dark souls:final survive
This right here was my first class in the first Souls game I ever played, Dark Souls 3. I felt so big (and shaky) after killing my first boss with him.
"For early armor and weapons, players may go for Master's attire and Uchigatana" Why would we do that when you can buy better **** from the handmaiden?
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deprived is OP
All classes but two have points wasted in LUK which is useless for non-hollow-infusion builds. VIG is never wasted since the entire game was designed for the builds to have a minimum of 27 VIG which more than doubles the HP pool for any class, you get killed in one hit without it and the game is nearly unplayable. VIT and END are useful for all builds unless you are planning on being an extremely niche one-shot sorcerer. INT and FTH unlocks half a dozen weapons that can be used by physical damage builds. 10 ATN unlocks a spell slot, which together with the 10 INT/FTH unlocks spells useful for all builds, which are magical shield, hush, magic weapon, carthus weapon, and power within. Spell casting builds need a minimum of 15 points in DEX to maximize their casting speed. So they certainly don't lose there. STR is also arguably not wasted in wizards and clerics since it unlocks many weapons to them. In short, in DS3 deprived is EXTREMELY good. Only the most niche builds imaginable like a one-hit sorcerer or a pure faith spell caster will suffer from starting out as deprived. Otherwise, the deprived can go to rosaria's chamber and do the alt+f4 trick to become anything he wants, how many times he wants, with almost no drawback.
Is there a PS4 equivalent for alt+f4? Newbie.
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