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Here's what I dearly hope to see in this remaster, though some of these are unlikely:

1. Finished Demon Ruins/Lost Izalith.
2. An FP bar to replace the number system for magic, leveled up with Attunement.
3. Polished animations like in Bloodborne, so the game will look better in 60fps.
4. Improved enemy pathfinding and A.I. (and Batwing Demons that don't fall to their deaths).
5. Some refinements brought over from DS2 and DS3, such as:
-using multiple souls/items at once
-the improved menu
-not having to reset the game when trading with Snuggly the Crow
6. Updated NPC models to look more like they do in the concept art.
7. Delayed backstab animations, like in DS3.
8. Have enemy attacks bounce off walls, just like the player's.
9. Improved slope collision. Specifically in Blighttown, Great Hollow, and Crystal Cave.
10. Improved lock-on during bossfights, so it doesn't break from distance.

Smaller things I'd like to see:

1. An added "Dark" element for Abyss sorceries, Occult weapons, and Kalameet's breath.
2. A conjunction feature and gesture implementation for messaging like in Bloodborne and DS3.
3. The unused Shiva of the East questline.
4. Cloth physics.
It was kinda stated that this would primarily be a graphical upgrade for new consoles, and while I'd love to see all of those things you mentioned, I highly doubt any of it will happen.
More like Shiva the Deceased.


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People still find that joke funny?
They better implement some of that cause the price is 40$ and there is no way im paying 40$ just for a graphic update.
Its literally going to be 1080p 60 fps and 6 player coop. That is all thats changing as of what we know. Better not buy the game then.
what I find so dumb is that people are **** on this remake from the 2% of it they saw and if you want to share your suggestions of what you like to see I recommend you tell Bandai Namco on twitter or the devs making the remaster.


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why bother with playing dark souls when you can play garfield kart
I had hoped Demon's Souls would have been remastered with the final Archstone added etc so I'm not too worried about the Dark Souls remaster but I have to admit that even so I'm still concerned about things like Izalith and the bed of chaos. It's a remaster not a remake so there's a high possibility they won't be changed but with fromsoftware as a much bigger company now with more time for their games unlike 2011 when DS was rushed I won't be able to imagine the disappointment/hate that will fill the community if the worse parts of the game aren't changed. This is especially true because I've always thought the graphics are just fine which leaves the framerate fix as the one true benefit to the remaster or guaranteed benefit in my opinion.
Hahahaha, I love this game. I really do as a severely high functioning autistic I find the last boss, dark Mage Sauroman to be a very difficult battle. I truly do enjoy the intensity of this battle. I am a certified lore master therefore my playthroughs prove very enjoying-Love Scott Allan X
Whoever wrote this must be autistic themselves.
Ambush- Lewis Bell
Hi Badbunny pls play a game.
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Interesting. But why 16 strenght? Isn't Zweihender's requirement 24?
Two-handed is the answer.
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****, wheres the crystal soul arrow? and at 40 intelligence you won't be able to use it...
Hi there. This is a good game and I play with him and sorry somewhere I also have :(.
you know how miyazaki said in a old interview for the og ds1 saying like for e.g. blighttown dropping the fps were technical difficulties and at the time he wanted to do much more with the game itself like fixing bugs fps problems in blighttown, it seems that he wanted to do so but again at the time he was unable to do so. cause the remaster for this game is not entirely finished yet and yet ppl are **** on it unaware that its not out yet(now you might refute my argument with the fact how they were "unaware it was unfinished" well you are right... somewhat, but the main point I am trying to say is don't think bout hating something that looks "bad" or "not good enough" I mean to be fair you can criticize all you want but the problem with that, if something is not out yet then you should probably reconsider and try playing with a open mind maybe you will like maybe not.) cause miyzaki wanted to more I say give this remaster a slight chance cause its not finished yet and the only way for it to survive to summer of 2019 is to give it a chance and contact the ppl making it or going to Bandai's twitter and telling bout the stuff you want to see fixed and they might fix the thing you see as "flaw" or "bug" cause when miyzaki said "we will try to learn from our mistakes" in that old post before ds2 ds3 and bloodborne is still true to this day. maybe ds1 remaster might be that, that chance to fulfill the mistakes he made with all the fixes it gonna get and the later things it might get in other patches (that was not intentionally a patches joke at all) so pls give this remaster a small chance cause if it were a remake it would be totally different ok there is a difference between a remaster and remake.
Nope was just a money grab