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Our Lore:
We are the Rotten Brotherhood. In our eyes, the world has squabbled over light and dark for far too long. We are a sect of the Darkwraiths who no longer believe in their naive views of the world. Instead, in our search for a third option, we have found rot. We've discovered that the one constant in the world is rot, for everything inevitably dies. We see humans for what they truly are: just another animal walking the earth, destined to rot just like everything else. We respect the rot, for it maintains the cycle of the world. We are the outcasts who never fit in, and the shadows present even in darkness. But now, we have gathered to take our place on the battlefield. We have gathered to teach the world, whatever it may take to do so.

Our Goal:
The rot maintains the cycle of the world, so such is our goal. We attack the age of fire, but for different reasons than other members of the Darkwraiths. We don't attack to break the cycle of flame, but rather to maintain an even larger cycle: that of the world. The age of fire has run its course and has prolonged itself for too long. It must give way to the age of dark, for that is only the natural course that the world has decided to take. Another goal of ours is to teach the world suffering. Too long has humanity looked after only themselves. Too long has humanity blindly trod forward, disregarding those around them. We will show them how the downtrodden feel: how it truly feels to suffer. In doing so, we improve ourselves and the world.

What We Do:
Although we are not like other Darkwraiths, that does not mean we are like the fools who prolong the age of fire. We do not follow the false sense of honor and justice that others try so hard to enforce. We do anything it takes to accomplish our goals. We use whatever trickery or deceit is necessary to bring down our prey. We invade in multiple places, each for a reason. We lurk among the shadows of New Londo and fight against the traditional darkwraiths. We siege the once glorious Anor Londo and fight against the fools of the darkmoon. We crawl around the swamp of Blighttown to spread suffering to the world. All is done in the name of rot, to maintain the cycle of the earth, and to introduce the world to the hardships of others.

How to Join:
If you think like us, gather. Join us where we roam, so that we may teach the world suffering, together. The requirements are that you make at least one level fifty-five character with "Rotten" as the beginning of their name. You may make any other character you want, so long as they too have this prefix.

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