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I'm not even sure people still visit these forms for this game, but here I am asking for help!

I just bought this game yesterday at the very low price of $6, I want to enjoy it and I want to like it so very bad, has so many good elements to it that I really enjoy, but then there's the combat...

why does it take so long to perform an action after I press a button? the very first person that the game teaches you how to kill makes it seem easy. then you start killing monsters by yourself with no tutorial. It is severely difficult and I'm not sure when to press the attack button to actually connect with the attack. Most of the time when the boss is specially attacks me I hit Dodge but it takes so long to dodge and I cannot also Hit The Boss when he's open to it. And then there's the Dodge itself, when I dodged to get behind the boss my character Dodge is so far away that the Warriors main hand sword doesn't have enough range to hit him!

I started the game playing as a cleric, but found out the game was entirely way too hard playing this way. So I started over and play as a brawler Warrior, and it became much easier to defeat monsters because of the speed at which I swing my main hand Sword and the speed at which I can bring up my shield to block.

after a little exploration I finally get to the very first boss, and he is just impossible to beat for me. I literally played for one whole hour trying to complete the first boss encounter and was not able to do it.

so I severely need some help and knowing when to perform an attack, knowing when to do a Dodge, how to perform a Dodge correctly so I am in range to hit the guy afterwards.

Please help me! I want to enjoy this game so very badly! Thank you for reading!