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I recently went to the archdragon peak, the nameless king area.
I found this view and it remind me of Kingdom Xerxes in Full metal alchemist brotherhood.
Anyone think so?
Since the view looks desertry and its has almost the same construction.

Any comments?


Here is the picture from Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood




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in terms of architecture its based off of Istanbul. But Istanbul (formerly known as Constantinople) is simply the greatest remaining ancient (as in over 2 thousand years old) city with a recognizable "crown jewel". That dome at the back is a reference to the church there. the Christians of Byzantium built the dome itself and when Byzantium fell to the Turks the Muslims there added the 4 towers around it, overhauled the inside, and made it a mosque. i don't know if that's what fma was referencing but it's possible given the racial theme of the ishvalans.