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killed her quite easily, used chloranthy, dark quartz +3 and blossom shield, grand lance +5, light armor that went full dark resist with +5 smelter chest armor, she summoned 2 skeles in a row and killed them by chaos storm, i want full melee with some good rolls and she died before summoning the third ones.


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Stop.... summoning.... Velstadt!!!
Bruh the further I read this wiki the more miss information I see... at first when I was a noob and took advice from this site thinking it had some credible knowledge I got *****ed multiple times. Do you guys EVER get elemental resistances right?? Like right here you say in the notes THE FIRST NOTE even that she’s second weakest to fire... then the note 3 says that she has fire and poison resistance. Please figure your***** out.
Does anyone notice that she’s not wearing anything on her chest?
Literally the worst boss in the game. Gimmicky hex dodging that drags down a miserable fight
She was super easy for me. But be carefull if velstadt gets summoned as not only is he hard but he can also kill you if he is in an attack animatiin as elana dies.