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Hi, can anyone help me with a pyromancy issue. I’ve got 2 attunement slots. I have fireball equipped and now I’m trying to equip lingering flame in my second slot. However it won’t let me. Any reason for this? Can you not use these two at the same time? Thanks
It might take up TWO slots instead of one some spells/miracles and pryomancies take up two slots
Lol don't suggest disconnecting as step one of PvP. that's just a trashy way to think
How do I get to do a Super Jump like the A.I.'s in Dark Souls 1,2,3?
How to Super Jump in Dark Souls 1,2,3? on either Xbox 1 or PS4?
I can't turn myself human?I burn at bonfires but doesn't UNhollow

You have to use the human effigy to turn human. Burning it only prevents summoning.
Game hard enough without been stuck at half health,I'm I doin something wrong?