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Also a large club +8 in the covetous demon pit


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If the backstab lance phantom near the Lower Garrison bonfire gets away from you, you can find him hiding in the lower area beside the shortcut door with a hedgehog. If you've opened the door, he'll run down to the Covetous Demon area and make your fight there a huge pain. Summoning Sellsword Luet (his sign is in the pillars near the elevator you took to get to this area) will make it much easier to deal with them both since he draws all the attention and tanks like a champ.
Not all heroes wear capes.
Sellsword Luet is a SOTFS only npc btw.



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what does the enemy phantom use? i'm thinking of doing a cosplay
You mean Holy Knight Aurheim? I'm not sure and his fextralife wiki page doesn't say but it is some sort of quality/dex greatsword type weapon. It might just be the Claymore.
What category weapon should I use for the enemies here? Spear, sword, ultra great sword, rapier, hammer?
i reccomend swords or any heavy weapon stun the enemies... i used my great club +10 and went through everything just fine


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If you have a good spear, and a shield with good stability like the grym greatshield, you should be fine. Just don't let them get behind you.
Pursuers ultra greatsword finishes most enemies in 2 hits, two handed or single handed
Just use whatever you are comfortable with. Some people can go through the game on level 1 with no gear, so whatever you are able to wield the most effectively.
can you summon other players after talking to the voice after defeating Aava?
No mention of the invisible ladder near the soul flash chest to get the northwarder armour set