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I got summoned as boss without even having the covenant?
It can randomly happen if you use any of the following within the Ringed City: a White Sign Soapstone, a Red Sign Soapstone, a Cracked Red Eye Orb, or a Red Eye Orb (as stated above).
Or just COMPLETLEY randomly (it's rare though)
Don't know if its a bug, but I've been earning tongues while invading in the ring city even if I have this covenant alignment. I even get forked tongues!
You dont get spear ornaments from inviding as a dark spirit, you get them by being summoned as a boss of the Spear of the church, and succesfuly killing the host.
Imagine, if you will, a covenant so bad that Fromsoft had to force people who aren't in it to go through it's ropes.
A covenant so bad that even if you get in and get all 30 of it's rank items the only rewards you get are items that you can only use while doing the fight that normally you would be finished doing because you got it's use.
A covenant so bad that the only willing participants are parry-spamming meta-tards using a Chaos Dagger to compensate for their lack of Combatic Prowess.

Git gud
The reward for Spears of the Church is intrinsic. I see nothing wrong with the rewards giving you better stuff to use in the fight. I love crushing scrubs who are unworthy of completing the DLC.
I'm still not sure where I'm even supposed to turn the covenant items in.
Nevermind, I saw it on the video now, my bad.
The weapon "Dark Hand " is very good with more poise
The only real ways to lose as a SotC is if the host/phantom kills you with their high ping or you're painfully bad at PvP. I've literally only lost twice out of over 20 times, and even then it was only because the host got a lucky lagstab on me. I'm not even good at PvP or using top tier gear. Just using Master's Set, Ragged Mask, Loincloth, and the Greatsword. I'd imagine someone who is using better gear or more skilled would be pretty much impossible.
I played the DLC for the first time this weekend. I didnt see anything of the DLC, didnt want to spoil myself. However, i had a nasty encounter when i dropped my white soapstone to play with a friend, with password, and i got summoned for the fight. I was AFK for 10 seconds max and had NO idea what was going on. Like wtf is that*****, why am i attacked by a player?? Why is there a boss health bar??

By the time i realized, i couldnt even do anything. I had nothing really good equiped and no spear fragment to use as spell. The fight had a 15 seconds duration max.

And when it was my time to do the boss... Took me 10 times because everyone who got summoned just rushed me and i couldnt do*****. I wish they'd just summom someone totally oblivious like i was. Would have made it fair.

Fun times.
Yea, I just encountered the same problem today.
I think it might have something to do with the covenant one has equipped (whilst I was a sun warrior, I didn‘t get summoned, but after I switched to the Darkmoon I got summoned every time I put my sign down)