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according to the armors defenses its most weak to fire tested this with the corona i hit for around 40 in general
As an insect Glaive user, I soloed this boss by using the aerial, mid air jump, then using the b attack constantly. Super easy once I figured this out and it was fun lol
Guy reminds me of Darkeater Midir from DS3.
Watch Vaal Hazak do his miasma breath towards the ground. It spreads in a ring JUST LIKE Midirs firelike attack. It’s great
Difference is that Midir is actually hard to kill...
Wait... In the cutscenes of this elder dragon, we saw him/her literally come out of the crystals as if the crystals “gave birth” to Xeno or Xeno hatched from the crystals...

This leaves me to theorize, could Xeno’jiiva when you first fight it, possibly be a newborn elder dragon?

Even in the cutscene, you can see it kind of look around as if it’s curious about its surroundings, as if it has never seen the area before.

And if you watch closely and watch the dragons’ body’s language and movements, it pauses for short amounts of time in the fight. A LOT. Which leads me to believe it’s quite exhausted, or just trying to conserve energy, as if it has just finished breaking out of something, like the crystals.
Reply below to let me know your thoughts on this theory. I respect criticism and more theories wonderful minds can create.
It definitely seems like a newly hatched, confused dragon what with the way it behaves.
Some of its attacks, like where it fires a beam all around itself, causing the ground to collapse and making him fall in it, makes it seem like it doesn't give its actions much forethought.
in the story is told that Xeno is a newborn elder dragon, nothing to theorize about.
Great theory my friend (although they say its a new species) But what would Zorah Magdaros and it have to do with eachother? Seeing as Zorah Magdaros came all that way to where we met the Xeno'jiva
Lol nowhere in the game does it confirm Xeno is newborn. The game DOES however with several npcs suggest theories that either:

A) xeno is the creator of the island, the 'heart' per se and uses the island it creates to help incubate it

B) xeno is a foreign species that migrated to the already existing island, feasted on the dead elder energy, craved more and more energy, and thus made a nest in the heart of the island. Its existence on the island morphed the ecosystem into the perfect trap over time for elder dragons, and lure them over, where they will eventually die and feed xeno jiiva.

and C) that regardless if Xeno was alien or not, it used the elder stream to incubated and create a coccon. this process metamorphosed the creature into what is now xeno
Some notes:

* This fight can often leave a lot of magma pools around. Consider getting the Lavasioth Mail which nullifies such damage (similar to what the recommended heat mantle does)
* Flash slingers do not work when it's airborne. You need the slinger ammo that drops around the area. Three hits will bring it down.
* You can't mount.
* I find that long beam attacks are a good point for wet stone sharpening. Also behind a crystal when it's doing the long standing AOE-ish laser sweep (which usually ends in it being stuck for additional timing. Assuming you aren't in the direct path, the forward stomping dash is a good time for health potion recovery.
* There's no sleep mode, so any usage of bombs will best be done while it's downed (away from other players of course) or you can attempt to fish the forward stomp action (though there's a slight chance of failure if it does a beam sweep or targeted long forward beam attack instead.
* You can shield yourself from beams and blasts using small crystals in the area
* There's a tail slam and a tail sweep. The sweep starts with dropping a curved tail. From there it does an arch attack which when completed does blasts around the general area. Hiding underneath or backing far away from the tail can help avoid damage.
* Since the weakness is poison, consider poison throwing knives and poison cloud items. If you go to the upper right area of the forest zone all the mats to make the poison cloud item are there.
* Insect Glaive is fairly well suited for this battle. The body being long and wide means you can keep doing aerials until stamina runs out. That said you should keep camera check and an eye on your stamina so you aren't dropping into a beam attack. It also gives you a second chance to dodge the sweep beam if you get stuck in a bad dodge spot via aerial evade. The long forward beam is generally a good time to re-buff attack since the head is situated in the same place for so long.
Nergigante set with no upgrades and nergal blades + Maxed health charm with the demon charm and armor charm in your inventory worked out fine.
How "randomly" this quest appears again? I have been doing over 40+ quest and already had 2 Zora Magnaros quest but 0 Xeno Jiiva quest....
Not exactly sure, but it depends on your HR. The higher HR you have, the higher the chance. Sometimes , though, you might get lucky/unlucky.
one appears like every 30 min for me
Are you far enough? You have to have access to the 9-star missions. Defeating Xeno-Jiiva the first time doesn't unlock them.
It's random. Sometimes the mission pops up consecutively for me. There was a ridiculous instance that it popped up 4 times in a row, and how could I not entertain him? He's a fun boss to beat around.

There are rare instances the mission is only around for 1 quest instead of 2.


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There is no note as to whether flash pods or sonic pods have any effect.
Flash pods dont work
They don't.
Flash pods work, but not when hes flying or in the midst of an attack. They just prevent him from attacking for a second.
Dark eater Midir + Seath the scaleless = Xeno Jiiva
What type of damage does he do??
Dragon. Easy fight though, had -15 Dragon def beat him with no faints.