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While this weapon May have a higher total AR than the Chaos blade, it should be noted that due to its split AR it will most likely end up doing less damage in practice.
"A dragon weapon symbolizing Darkeater Midir."

Best katana in the game, a reward for beating what FROM considers to be the ultimate souls challenge. And yet, all you need to do is hop over to r/summonsign to see people every single day asking for help against Midir. Worse, people who don't even bother and get it from karmaholics on r/pumpurum.

I guess I'm in no small part to blame, as I've helped more than 20 people against Midir (usually telling them to just sit back and survive while I take him on). But I was using this weapon today and it suddenly dawned on me: a lot of the people I see using this might have never actually beaten Midir properly: solo, with no cheese (looking at you, pestilent camemberts: it shouldn't even be possible to cheese him that way). The weapon, meant to symbolize the conquering of a challenge, is now meaningless. A lot of games offer rewards for conquering tough challenges - rewards that immediately distinguish the people using them. When you look at them, they mean more than what you see: they represent a prize for your efforts. Sadly, this is not the case.

Following a bit of the souls gained logic, I think you shouldn't be allowed to convert the boss' soul to 1 of 2 items or, in special cases, one of the items would always be inaccessible (it if is very, very good) if you beat it with help. Of course people would cry for days and I do realize that DS3, of all souls games, is the last where they would ever do this, but it would be fair: yes, you beat the boss - but no, you don't get the exact same rewards as you would for soloing him. The difference in souls gained is meaningless and can be covered by just putting on the mimic's head, wearing a ring and using a shield while you eat popcorn and the phantoms finish the job for you.

And now I hop on the arena and my opponent is using a frayed blade. I know him: I helped him (if I hadn't done it, 3 other guys would have - at least I got to fight Midir again). No one will ever erase the fact that I no damage Midir while my opponent has never beaten him - that much is obvious; but there is no denying that, at the end of the day, save for that consolation, we both got the same rewards for a very noticeable difference in effort.

Yes, the feeling of conquering the challenge is what counts the most. But other games give you not only that but something "material". That should have been the case here. No trading certain weapons, no ultimate rewards for not conquering the ultimate challenge.
Lol you sound like such a tool, git gud katana *** use a cooler weapon
"Lol you sound like such a tool, git gud katana *** use a cooler weapon"

You sound edgier than any katana. Think I might use you instead.
Even better, all boss soul weapons should all have an exclusive reward for solo'ing them. Additionally, boss souls weapons should not be tradeable. I think that would encourage a lot of flowers to man up, while also distinguishing those players who solo'd the bosses with a symbol of prestige. Solo boss soul weapons would be far less common and prized.
>disparaging people who get assistance

>uses the wiki
">disparaging people who get assistance >uses the wiki"

Holy mother of false equivalences. Checking the weapons' section is apparently the same as giving up on a challenge lol.
Why do I still wreck myself by going into comment sections? Jesus...
Are you really complaining about a video game and writing a novel at That? Jesus man up and rest
considering that summoning is a feature of every soulsborne game, its clear that fromsoft intends the game to be cooperative, why do you have such a problem with people who arent as skilled experiencing every part of the game and dlc that they paid for? dont get me wrong, i would love to see trophies for solo completions of bosses, that are say, tied to each character, and can be viewed in your stat screen, but i dont think restricting actual content from paying customers is a good idea. complaining about some "ultimate challenge" on the games wiki, is somewhat counter intuitive, considering that this wiki is meant for helping players. as for your comment about pestilent mist, why do you care what strategy people use to play the game that they paid money for?
Wow, You beat the boss solo! You re so *****ing good. Here is $1.000.000 cash as an award. Congratz.
What you guys in the replies are missing is this: just because you buy a game does not mean you have a right to complete it or experience everything the game has to offer. This extends to DLC as well.
So basically, despite admitting that you helped numerous people, you are saying that your challenge is invalidated by someone else making it easier for themselves? LOL dope logic friendo'. Holy ***** that post is emitting some serious butt-hurt.

Oh yeah, git gud btw
hahaha this guy, do you came from big bang theory dude?
lol, on both of my playthroughs i could only beat him solo, if someone else was there it only got harder
So... in essence, you are one of an elite few that got this weapon by killing Midir solo, and every player you see wielding it that way isn’t you is a weak plebeian that needed to beg for help? I’m sorry, I know that’s not your actual message and by this point anyone who has read halfway through the first part of my comment is probably reaming my *** out because internet. I get what you’re trying to say; this weapon is a mark of achievement and it should be treated as such. You just need to find a better way to say it.
I've come up with a more elite challenge.

Midir, but with 8 times the hp! IT'S VERY WELL-DESIGNED AND FUN!
This is a joke, right?
Midir is a challenge? I really dont get all the fuss about this big lizard. Anyone who is having a trouble beating him, just upgrade the arbalest, get the hawk ring and stay under %30 weight. Killing him solo is recommended.
Vanitous prick
Classic. "If you don't use the same model I use, it's cheese." Loser. You can argue the same nonsense in every build. Why penalize people who have the "intelligence" and skill to magic their way through the game?
I agree with you.And guys telling you to git good really he did Midir solo how did he not git good jeez.i don't have PlayStation plus and I went solo on all bosses game and dlc so now you scrubs going to tell me to git good too? The real reward for me in fighting a boss is when you sit for hours trying and then finally beat it that's what git good means noobs
Get over yourself
Lol. You're narcissism is very attractive. I'll bet the ladies love to hear tales of your video game exploits. "I beat everything solo, and these boobs get the same weapons!" Yeah, you've definitely had relations with a living woman before...
Oh god, these comments are torture, why do I even check them while knowing this community is filled with cancer such as 90% of these brainlets below.
Bloodborne did it right: prevent trading
I agree. This is an underappreciated balancing mechanic. A lot of bs would be cut out of the multi-player on both sides of an invasion if this were implemented
Agree but worst example existing my dude. You need 40 dex to use it. two handing doesn't work to lower the requierement. Vig and stamina are required too....I don't need to trade anything for this. With sl 60 I kill Midir ezpz myself anyway...Hunter Ring, Carthus Milk Ring included.
It's not harder to get this weapon than the Rakuyo, Chikage or the Moonlight GS in Bloodborne. No need to trade anything.
Bloodboring did nothing right. This game has weapon matchmaking. Which nullifies any kind of advantageous drops. Not to mention like the other dude said. You need extremely high dex anyways...not like its even that advantageous.
Why does everyone want to trade it so bad? It's a great weapon yes but dark souls is not owing you anything it wasn't made for everyone to be able to see the entire game just because you bought it it's made for those who put effort into it can move forward. If you want the blade get it yourself summon if needed you most likely won't kill midir first try maybe you will. It's up there with the hardest in the series so it's no surprise but you will get experience for it in the end and will be able to prove you killed him through the blade and the covenant.
People that wanna trade are people that didn't buy the DLC
Or people too lauy to go fighting Midir...
The biggest weeb weapon in Dark Souls.



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Nah, that would definitely be the washing pole. Seriously, just look at the size of that thing. It's disgusting.
My dude, the washing pole has literally nothing on frayed blade in terms of weebiness, you legit have a darkness katana that has a weeb slash attack and shoot black beams, something straight out of a weebs dream.
One of the few Dex blades (from a boss soul) and it is from Midir...FromSoft, do you despise Dex users?
Don't we all despise dex users?
R2 and next L2+R1 is true combo
Ultimate weeb sword for an ultimate weeb build. But, what if you wield it along with the washing pole? Shall you become the true king weeb? Will the anime levels multiply? Will your edge be so sharp that you can cut someone down by simply staring at them, and then edge-walking away?
The answer to all of those is yes.
Sometimes i like to wear the complete shadow set and pretend i am Hattori Hanzo. Then i remember i will never be that good, and that i also have no friends. FeelsBadMan
Wouldn't Hanzo Hattori use Onikiri and Ubadachi
I highly doubt he would use such a cursed weapon. Fits more Sarutobi Sasuke.
He should use a kusari.
The best spell and the best Dex weapon is held by the second tankiest boss. Legit!
Second tankiest? Which is the tankiest?
Apr 23 Anon, I'd honestly say that several bosses are tankier (Demon bros, Slave Knight Gael, and Friede), if only because Midir takes double damage to his head, and if you can get the riposte towards the end of the fight, you can take off a very large chunk of his health with minimal effort. And if you don't use the intended cheese, Yhorm and Ancient Wyvern can be pretty tanky too, I guess.
Slave knight gael? I don't think so, I can chip away his health extremely fast with a pontiff curved sword, midair doesn't have as many opening though so it's harder to r1 spam him to death.