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the sword master respawned and is attacking me in the Great Belfry. has this happened to any one?
That's not Sword Master. That's the Ricard summon that the man serpent wizard at the other end of the hall from the Belfry bonfire summons.
He (usually) strafes left to right while in the parry hold, and (usually) approaches when he is in his attack hold. I don't have any proof this will work for everyone, so you'll have to make sure your version of Sword Master follows these rules, but if he does, this can be some helpful non-cheese strategy.
In my my all bosses play through this guy gave me more trouble than the nameless king some how
Sword Master is one of the few NPC summons worth their salt if for no other reason than he plays very defensively. Having him for the Champion Gundyr fight at a low SL run makes all the difference since he serves as a perfect distraction. Wait for Gundyr to aggro to him, land a spam chain of R1 before he's pounded into the ground, then let Gundyr chase you so Sword Master can heal. 5-6 rounds of that even with a +0 weapon and it's over.

Night and day difference to trash like Sirris, who is aggressive as **** and then tries to heal herself with a 5 second miracle 2 feet from a boss charging up their hydrogen bomb attack.
I disagree. Probably one of the worst summons. All he does is slowly follow the boss with his WA ready and then get destroyed. Not worth summoning.
He wasn't even near gundyr most of the fight, he hit him maybe 1 time. The whole time i was like, "do something you worthless pos!"
this is where the game is really dumb, i'm a knight in full armor and i can only take 3 hits before i die, and that guy needs 25+ hits before he dies despite wearing only seaweed as armor
Force literally does nothing.
I tres him off the clff and I didn't get anything bus souls. Did this happened to someone else? Do anyone knows a way to fix this?
Reload the area and his items will be where you first fought him.
Reload the game.



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I hated this guy
Nice name
Nice name


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Can be cheesed by standing on the stone coffins that jut out over the cliff edge under the tree and just shooting him with cheap arrows. He never stops moving so you have to time it right, but he never figured out how to path his way to me so I had all the time in the world to kill him.