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In "Max" spreadsheet it says Raw has 262AR, which is not *****ing bad considering stats required. But in Raw table it's only 200 for +10. Which one is true?
A raw +10 caestus has 262AR, tested on MugenMonkey.
Partial with Caestus = doom


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All stamina gets drained with a partial parry, and its harder to land one under pressure. And since most players use UGS there is no chance parrying anything.
yes it is a parrying tool, but even in left hand you can still hit with it, which can be useful if using a heavy weapon one handed and the opponent spam rolls
Litterally the most ignored weapon in my entire run until i realised how *****ing nuts it was. At +10, infuesed with dark, at 50 int 50 faith and 35 strengh I get 482 AR. It's AR is infact higher than sellsword twinblades (Infused and at the same stats), while being a 11th of it's weight and taking half the ammount of stamina per attack they do. I used this on NG+2 dancer, keeping the WA up at all times, and creamed her in 1 to 2 minutes.
perfect for your meme / troll montage on youtube.
The only weapon other than the Stormruler and Dark Hand that every starting class can onehand without any stat investment.
Your ultra's best friend, also your opponent's ultra's worst foe.
Parry frames?
10 frames, starting on the 9th frame (out of 22).
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I've never used these before today, ignorantly thinking they'd be an underwhelming choice. I couldn't have been more wrong. This has already become the most fun play through I've had of this game, yet!