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this boss is perfect to make a pure mage cried.
havel will be proud.
I wouldn’t say that, I’m all for mage builds and with the right gear and spell, he can easily be taken down. Toss in some poison and toxic and all the better.
Who needs robes when you have armor? Battlemages, unite!!
I've tested Artorias' sword and Black Knight's sword (both fully upgraded) on him in all phases. He takes more damage from the Black Knight sword (it is the strongest, after all). Of course, the Wolf Knight's weapon art leap deals a lot of damage - but it does so with all enemies. Regular attacks are not more effective than BK's.

He did not show ANY weakness to the Wolf Knight's sword. So if you want a greatsword, go for the BK's. You'll need to output as much damage per swing as you can.

Good luck, skeleton!
Made both Midir and Gael with BK sword after countless tries with other stuff, that weapon is simply fantastic.
But with Midir the Wolf sword IS more effective. Tested it as well. It's actually one of the best weapons against Midir.
Use Hollowslayer casuls.
He has 21,405 health on NG+7
Morning Star + Havel's Greatshield + Dark Stoneplate Ring 2 + Chloranthy 3 + Ring of Favor 2 + Lightning Clutch Ring + Lightning Blade for the first stage + Poison Buff for the 2nd Stage + Lightning Blade for the Finally = EZ fight.
If you're doing a low level co-op against him (especially if host has highest upgrade at +3 or so, which means a VERY long fight), best strat is the frost proc.

Both equip greatshields to deal with unexpected changes in agro. Host takes irithyl straight sword or rapier and you grab vordt's hammer. As soon as you hear the frostbite kick in, throw fireballs. Rinse and repeat.
cheese nabs fight this is amazing boss like a man
gael`s armor seem to upgraded, he as chains mails insted of beign but naked, the sholders ave got some aditional plates and the gloves are now made of plate.
im kinda happy to see he as change is armor or easle wee would ave seen a momified old man`s*****helicopting around for 20 minutes.
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Cathedral great sword heavy with 50 strength heavy run attack does 850dmg
for those who have problems with him, use vords great hammer, it makes this boss look like a joke
Absolutely, since he is weak to both frost and strike damage plus Vordt's is one of the best weapons to stagger him with.
Despite everyone drooling over how awesome this boss fight is I found it pure***** - the difficulty is OK, but everything that comes after the 2nd phase is just troll physics and enough visual effect to make someone go epyleptic. The dude jumps in the air, stays suspended for one second, then turns around 90 degrees midair and slams into the ground 100 meters away. He ignores physics so hard that it breaks the immersion completely for me, worse than Pontiff (at least he had wings) and even Nameless. His flaming cape, his crying-activated bullet hell, and the following lightnings serve little more purpose than to obfuscate the player's vision. I can't help that think From tried too hard to make the fight epic but didn't have the creativity to make it original, so they just put in the most amount of ridiculoud crap that they could.

Not to mention, that Gael is a noname, he had no business being the final boss of the series. He could have been a good optional or pre-final bossfight, keeping only his first and 2nd phases.
Shut the ***** up *
because we all play dark souls for physics
He has every right to be the final boss, because he is just like the player character. Some nonamed loser who took it upon himself to change the world, including fighting and killing the biggest badasses around to acquire their power and add it to his own. This is just like the player character of every dark souls game. Much like how Soul of Cinder is a reflection of the player's fightstyles, Gael is a reflection of the player's motivations. In essence, Soul of Cinder is the body and mind of the player, while Gael is the heart of the player.
And lugging around a 200-pound hunk of metal on the end of a stick with minimal effort isn’t physics-breaking?