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New World Sky, New World Flower i think u need to be hr60, beat a number of raths or its random after you beat the tempereds. I beat 5 different temperd level 2 threats and it didnt unlock then i grinded some events for crowns and it poped.
I have completed every quest on this page yet it says I'm missing one on 7*...I have no npcs to talk to or deliveries left to deliver
special arenas probably
Have you killed Deviljho? That's a 7 star optional.
There is a Special-Event Quest (Deviljho). If you complete it, there will be a 7 Star Mission, killing another Deviljho
I already clear all the quest in 6* and finish captured all the monster for special arena quest... But why still haven't fully complete?? It's still blue color complete word...
You need to do the 6* Zorah optional quest at least one time to complete.
Same and i have already done zorah magdaros
Where is the quest for rainbow pigment?


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⭐9 The White Winds of the New World
There's a new red quest icon that came with the Kulve Taroth update. It appears in the same place where the speech bubble icon is. Anyone know what Its deal is?
I have the same question...been looking for an hour now (even check the Japanese sites)...nothing.
That red icon shows you when Special Arena Quests appear.
It just signifies that the special Arena Quest is available like zorah magdaros.with the new update the arena Quest show up at random now.
I believe The game tracks the number of that monster you captured and when that number reaches zero you have to capture more of it to redo that special arena quest.
Special Arena quests don't randomly reappear after you complete them... You need to recapture the monster.
Actually, they are now random after the Kulve Taroth update.
with the new update the arena Quest show up at random now.
For the "Kill 3 Tempered Monster(Threat level 3)" Quest, does the story quest with the tempered Kirin count?
I don't think it does. Pretty sure I killed Teostra, Val Hazzak and another Kirin to unlock that quest.
Just tried it and yes, it seems it does. I only killed a Teostra and Val Hazaak and it unlocked just now.
Recaptured all of them. It's random.
guess I got to murder that Hazak...damn you Capcom...
(also that tempered Barroth and Baan can go jump in acid water)
I complete all 1 - 8 mission and i have the orange complete but the white winds of the new world doesn't appear
Talk to the commander
you have to get level 6 research on 15 different monsters and capture all monsters