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I'm on n 3 and I was able to summon both npcs for vort after killing the dancer, on ps4 online play
This boss kicked my arse so hard first time through the game. Worse than Aldrich or any of the other bosses. Not sure why, I think I just didn't gel with the fight somehow. Then, when I got to NG+1 and further on, I got her on my first attempt. I always do, now. Maybe I just got better at PvE.

Now it's Soul of Cinder who kicks me down the stairs. ***** that guy on NG+7. He has ludicrous health and massive damage and I've not come up with a good strat yet, despite beating him 7 times now.
Soul of Cinder tends to do that in NG+9, it kinda does a bit more damage than NG.
This boss was probably one of the best experiences I've ever had in gaming.

I'm new to Dark Souls, and was playing mostly blind, learning as I go, and in this giant cathedral I see a dozen or so blood stains. So I'm thinking I'm in for a huge boss! But no, just a woman who gives me a banner, and I leave. I go down to fight the Vordt, and think "oh here's the actual bossfight, people must have been running from the Lothric knights and died in the Cathedral."

Later, during Farron Keep, I take a break and go back to the High Wall to do some exploring now that I'm a little more leveled. I get to the Cathedral, but this time there's a message on the ground next to the woman: "try attacking," with like 18 appraisals or something. So I kill the woman (which I felt kind of bad about), and sure enough this vicious, lanky beast with a flaming sword falls from the ceiling and starts slinking around me, I'm thinking "oh*****, oh*****!" She moves so slowly, it's so menacing, I don't know what to expect.

Sure enough she 1 shots me the first swipe she takes. I know I'm not leveled enough to beat her, but I've heard of people doing no-hit runs on this game, and that means no boss is out of reach with enough practice. So I resolve to beat her.

I must have tried 100 times before conceding that I'm too new and my character is too underlevelled, so I'll come back. But after killing the abyss watchers, I get determined: now's the time.

I spent literally 3 days where the only gaming I did was Dancer attempts. Hours and hours of dying. I feel like I know her moves by heart and still I'm dying due to a single slip-up here or there. But I couldn't turn back.

I beat her at lv 50 with a sharp Uchigatana 2-handed, I probably wasted a lot of stat points in bad areas too since I didn't do research before starting my character (started as a thief). What was nice is that the lothric knights in front of her drop embers, so I had about 30 stocked up and was using one each fight. It was the most intense challenge I've faced in a videogame, hands down. And I never got bored of it, because the character design and animations are so interesting and intimidating. A+, fantastic boss.



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Actually the Dancer is one of the final Boss in the game.....before fighting her you have to kill 3 Lords in order to be able to face her without killing the woman in the room.....anyway, From Software decided that you can fight this boss even as 3rd boss in the game (or 2nd if you don't mind killing Vordt) and, if you succeed, you can reach the final areas of the game even at low levels....
Personally i've never done this Boss before level 75-80
Try thrust but hole
Oddly enough, i died to this boss less than gundyr, vordt, wonir(obviously), ODK, and sulyvahn. Killed her at lvl 46 with +4 astora straight sword.
Struggling a ton with this boss. Is anyone interested in helping me, my Xbox gamertag is WEBSTER932. Send me a message if you are.
You still need help?
Stay behind the second column and hit from there
New strategy that works AMAZINGLY!!! Use executioner's greatsword with human pine resin and hug her left leg. Only use charged r2's. Every other hit is a stagger. Confirmed 1:04 time at sl20.
most comments here: "she was ezpz lemon squeezy. I'm PRO! (and never did a single step without looking it up on youtube)"
Those people are either lying, trolls, or just braggarts, those people pop up whenever there's a tough boss.
Anyone able to help me with Dancer of the Boreal Valley?
pc or ps3
im pc


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