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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

what does the charm move (hack) and the special slide do and how do i activate?
Charm only applying in multi player and draws enemy aggro
You dont "activate" those specials.
They are fixed properties of the weapon.

Slide means you will slide farther when you attack, making it possible to attack from even further away.
Sadly I have no idea what "charm move" means.

Hope the wiki will sonn add a page that clarifies all those terms.
Makes no sense at all to have them listed without giving people a reference of the meaning !
This weapon might look unappealing compared to its peers but is, in my opinion, the most efficient and one of the best Spears to use on a DEX character for two main reasons : the weight and the Slide special.

Let me start by saying that out of all the Pikeman class weaponry (Polearms), Spears are the ones meant for 1-handed use. Here is why :
- the Overlord's Bident, class 5 Polearm, is the only one of its caliber that doesn't require 2-handing for proper use as opposed to the Saltreaver and the Tainted Ranseur ;
- their moveset doesn't really change for the better when 2-handing. Yes, you get that sexy spinning heavy attack after 2 light attacks while 2-handing, but so do you with Poleaxes which are much more versatile when 2-handed and more damaging in general ;
- they are usually lighter than other Polearms, making them an excellent choice if you intend to use a shield or a crossbow or even a hand cannon. Pretty much the main justification for using one over a Poleaxe. Except that high-end spears are just as heavy as Poleaxes, if not heavier (looking at you Umbral Partizan), which will hinder your mobility if paired with an offhand without high investment in Endurance.

So, back on topic.

What is the best Spear and why is it the Breach Pike ?

1 - The weight : This is the lightest polearm out there while being one of the most damaging around that weight range, especially if you go past the 50 cap in DEX.

2 - The Slide special : This property virtually gives you more range - well at least on the initial hit - because it makes your character move slightly further (and quicker) towards your target. But more importantly, it makes the Spear heavy attack much more reliable to fully land. If you use Spears, then you know the frustration of using that attack and hitting only with the last part of it. No more of that with the Breach Pike.

On a side note, it is also pretty easy to acquire early on. But so is the Trident which is arguably better for a fresh character damage-wise (high base damage), only it's twice as heavy and doesn't have Slide (trade-offs, ugh...).
Wrong thumbnail, that's the soldier's spear