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qeter wrote:can't mention metal video game music without metal gear rising
Watch on

I agree, MGR has awesome music, "I am my own master" is insane



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Brutal Legend... my Gods, that game has a lot of unforgettable songs... Mirrorthrone - So Frail, Cradle of Filth - Her Ghost in the Fog, Ozzy Osbourne's Mister Crowley, and Tenacious D - Metal to name a few. Not to mention having a chat with Ozzy Osbourne himself. "I told you not to climb on that you stupid mother... (game asks you if you're okay with bad language) fu***** piece of s****!" cracks me up

Another game I can name is Shank 2. The farm survival has a cool ost.

Then there's DmC... I enjoyed every fight in the game. Soundtracks were blood-pumping adrenaline-inducing pieces.
Enemies show up, 'Pull the Pin' plays in the background. Hype tentensifies (intensifies by ten times)
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