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near the beginning of the game the old witch asks my name and then i'm prompted to try to remember my name, but at no point prior to that was i asked to give the character a name. so i figure, ok this must be the naming process here because the game hasn't given me a name nor have I created one. however whenI try to input my name (Any name) into the "Try to recall your name" text box and then hit "OK", it's not accepting it and just bringing me back to the text box to enter something else. anything I try to enter doesn't work. Help, I'm stuck!

btw im on PS4 and I had downloaded the game from PSN. maybe it's a glitch?
anyone ever encounter this issue before and have a solution for me?

Help, I'm stuck!


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Just restart the game and try again. Is a glitch that happend to me too, restarting fixed it for me.