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I found standing on the outside of his left leg to work very well. His swings almost always miss and only his right leg stomps. Just don't go directly under him or he grabs. He is annoyingly jumpy, but it's fine as long as you're quick about getting back to that leg. I'm not sure how it would work with the headless one's bug attacks. It was considerably easier for me to just go to town on his ankle than try to bait anything out on the regular one though. Also, this is definitely one of those no lock-on.
I do the same thing for the headless one, too. Focus on his left side and try to get your rolls on point to use your iframes. Especially the smash has a huge phantom range, so better roll to a safe distance or simply through the attack.
If he stats shooting bees at you just get close to him and he won't hit you. Focus on his left arm in that case.
As he always jumps backwards he'll soon end up with his back against the wall and finally with his butt in a corner. This is really a bummer, as you can't roll behind him any longer and rolling in front of him isn't really an option due to his enormous reach. So bait him away from the walls.
You can summon Olek and Wallar together to fight the Bloodletting Beast.
where? ive looked all over the entire dungeon and see zero summon signs
Olek and Wallar are possible allies against the Normal Bloodletting Beast in Lower Pthumeru Chalice. Versus the Headless Bloodletting Beast in Great Pthumeru Ihyll Chalice (or in GPI cursed/rotted/fetid versions) you're alone.
The boss-fight in Great Pthumeru Ihyll Chalice is difficult, but most of the troubles are consequence of the camera. The worst camera during all the boss-fights in this game. When you're close or under the headless best, it's impossible to figure out what's happening.
The camera is bad but the BS hitbox on that smash attack is even worse.
I rely on iframes a lot for this boss, at 30 Vit for the headless version, i do the left leg technique, hugging it as much as possible, but i stay locked on at all times. I can predict his moves looking at the chest, and i dodge accordingly. Out to MY right to avoid the two hands smash, and straight behind him for the arms flurry. He pretty much only use those attacks when you stay there. the whole time you just mash R1 with your serrated weapon of choice, Saw spear short form for me. Taking damage is part of the fight, do not run away to heal, stay close to the leg, heal beside him between 2 attacks. You might fall to a cheap combo a few times, but he will go down. Just stay clam, and time your quickstep to avoid damage with iframes. Works great for me anyway. I use 1 20% stamina rune, 1 15% HP rune and 1 4 vials up rune.

The camera is bad, but you only need to read his moves when under him. When a bit behind him attacking the leg, its no problem, he cannot do much there. When you end up under him, which you will, you need to read the smash and the flurry, that's all. Take a deep breath, relax, focus on these few moves, and he will fall!!
On My Level 50 char with 30 Vit: Headless Bloodletting Beast

Key is using the iframes from quicksteps as much as possible.

Rune: + 20% stamina, +15% HP, +4 vials

Get your weapon of choice, saw spear short form for me, and mash R1 the whole time, keep enough stamina to quickstep twice.

I do the left leg technique, but i stay locked on as much as possible. There is only a couple of move you have to predict. Its important when you end up under him, mostly, because when you go behind or beside him he cannot do much.

Watch for the 2 hands smash, good wind up before it so its easy to see it coming. When he raises his arms, quickstep to your right to end up beside him. When he raises one arm to start a flurry of fists to the ground, quickstep a few times to get behind making use of iframes as much as possible.

Taking damage is part of the fight, do not run to heal, heal under or beside him and get back to R1 attacks or dodging as fast as possible.

There is pretty much only those 2 attacks you have to worry about the whole fight if you stay close to his left leg or under him. You will likely die a few times to a succession of combos or getting stunlocked from his movement in between 2 combos preventing you from healing. No worries, he will fall eventually, take a deep breath, stay focused looking for those attacks and it will be fine. Its a good 40% luck, 30% reading his moves and 30% saving damage from dodging and iframes imo.

Good luck fellow hunters!!!
I don't no why it didn't transform into headless version.
and also it dropped: Tempering damp blood gem(5) + twin blood stone shards ×2
The Headless version is in the Great Pthumeru Ihyll Chalice, you must have been in the Lower Pthumeru.
Important note, the beast is completely blind,and relies solely on sound to find you. If you mange to create enough distance during his attacks, and stand still, he will stop, and claw desperately at the ground in an attempt to find you


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Why does no one seem to know hes blind? I got put of his range and stood still amd after a pause, he frantically attempted to locate me be clawing at the ground
Also just spam executioner's glove as long as it hits his head he'll go down quick
I used Logarius wheel in arcane form and got him on my second try. Arcane Damage makes him bow quite quickly and he bows over after a few hits. you can run to his head and visceral attack him if you're quick enough, though the animation looked weird with the wheel.