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Hi everyone! First time to this forum, as I have a lore question :cheers:

This is something that confuses me a lot.

In Dark Souls, although it looked like you were a nobody initially, you were either the chosen undead or the ashen one, a immensely powerful being that could alter the whole world, and defeating Gwyn or the dragons made sense.

But what about Bloodbourne? It seems that the main character is just some random hunter- and yet he is able to defeat the best hunters of the time such as Gherman, Maria and Ludwing, slay the Great Ones and end the nightmares without being special in any way?

What gives him such power?


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nope , he's not powerful , he just smarter than them .



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The blood gives him/her that power.
nope , he's not powerful , he just smarter than them .

Of course he/she has to stay smarter than the beasts.

Should he/she seem a little overpowered, well that's for plot and gameplay reasons.
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Without Going Into Speculation On Who You Were Beforehand. A Simple Answer That Can Be Presented Using The Games Lore Is That You Were A Hunter Who Survived The Nightmare Once Before And Experienced The Yharnam Sunrise.

Clothing worn upon awakening to the nightmare of blood and beasts.
Not typical clothing for Yharnam, perhaps it is of foreign origin. It is said, after all, the traveler came to Yharnam from afar.
Without memory, who will ever know?

Good Hunter, you've done well, the night is near its end. Now I will show you mercy. You will die, forget the dream, and awake under the morning sun. You will be freed from this terrible Hunter's Dream.

That Is The Simplest Answer, Using The Lore. If You Want To Know What Makes The Hunter Even More Special, Here Is Speculation On Certain Starting Classes.

Lone Survivor Of A Lost Hamlet, Could Be A Survivor Of The FIshing Hamlet In Hunter's Nightmare.

Troubled Childhood, Could Have Been Raised In The Orphanage.

Violent Past Could Be A Powder Keg.

Military Veteran, Could Be An Executioner

Professional Could Be A Member OF School Of Mensis Or The Choir

Noble Scion Could Be A Cainhurst Descendent

Cruel Fate Could Be A Survivor Of Yahar' Gul

Milquetoast Could Have Been A Yharnamite

Waste Of Skin, Could HAve Been From Forbidden Woods.

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First , Hunter were made to kill beast , our character is also a hunter , so seeing him killing beasts is not a strange thing at all .

Seconds ,there are no any evidence say Lady Maria and Gehrman are super human . The only reason why they have so much more health and damage because the developers can't make any AI that can out smart player so they have to balance the game by bumping up their health . Lady Maria and Gehrman all are just very skilled hunters and they can be defeated by some one else very skilled like them . Also Gehrman is old and no longer good as he used to. And before fighting them the hunter has defeat alot of enemies , got alot of experience and weapons , and he had alot of time to prepare too , my character is a military veteran so that explain why he can put a good fight agains them .

And same with those great ones , They are known and worthshiped for their knowledge , not because they are powerful . And the hunter is working for a great one called moon presence so He must be protected from others great ones magic .



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It's the same question for literally every myth and story in which conflict plays a large role.

We have to play as the "chosen one" who has some special aptitude never seen before because otherwise the game/story can't be completed. There's less intrigue in the story about the guy who died on the way so most stories are about the one victor. Name just about any story and it's the same deal.

Beowulf is about Beowulf, not the tons of dudes who were killed in the great mead hall by Grendel as an example.

You can have stories about the one who died on the way, but there's still going to be something special they did on their journey. Take Zack Fair of Final Fantasy fame. He gets his own story despite it being very obvious he won't live through it (spoiler alert I suppose). But on his journey they make sure to show what a great dude he was and why Cloud was all over his business. The end (real spoiler here) is him sacrificing himself so that the overall story can continue. Zack died along the way, but there's literally no Final Fantasy VII if he didn't exist. His journey sets the stage for the next one.

Basically, the only time a story is about a guy/gal who died along the way is because they had their own grand adventure and their death passes the torch.

dn1nd has as good a guess as any but From leaves things open so your character can truly be your character. Feel free to make your story because in the end it's about the guy/gal who finally got it done (depending on which ending you choose).
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Blood Echoes give him power. The accumulation of blood echoes channeled through the doll increases the power of the hunter.

Like was stated earlier; you play as the one who made it. Not the hundreds who failed in the process. In Dark Souls there is no telling whether your character was born "destined" to be the chosen undead. Or if you being able to defeat the asylum demon and leave the asylum MAKES YOU the chosen undead.
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The game makes it very clear that you are no ordinary hunter.

Both Eileen and Djura knows you can "dream" and they cant anymore. It means the player is in a special position.

Queen Annalise also calls you "moon-scented hunter". The moon-scent likely refers to the fact you are a hunter from the hunter's dream (the realm of the Moon Presence). Theories goes along the lines of you are being buffed by some Great One to do its binding or you are a dorment Great One yourself.


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He isnt all that powerful. The only reason you are able to defeat some characters is cause you are immortal(because u have acces to the dream) so u acquire a lot of experience through trial and error.


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the main protagonist, in all and all opinion, isn't actually that powerful, the amount of times he dies compared to every other hunter in the game is a big whopping 10/1, 1 being for any hunter that dies other than you, but, the main protagonist is smart, we are him, we are smart, and with the help of dream, he can continue to do what all souls protagonists do best, learn from their mistakes, think of it like this, you wake up on the same day for an entire month, and at the end of each day, it resets, you are given a month worth of chances to make this either the best day or the worst day of your life, after about 10 days you should already how events normally play out, so you now know what you can do to make this the best day in your life, just like the hunter, and the other hunters seem to already know about the dream, meaning they had the same fate as your protagonist, again, your protagonist is probably weaker than the other hunters but is smarter than them!