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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

if you nerf the viper-selene-veledrith then what the ***** is this ??
pls un nerf those item if you sharing Caluurion’s Legacy Information to the magic player
Sounds like you are only decent in pvp if you're carried by OP sets you scrub.
Vipers was probably the most broken thing in any game ever. This is not.
un nerf the viper
un nerf the Selene
un nerf the MA weapons
First off, this set still doesn't compare to how awesome Viper used to be or Selene. And casters have STILL never had a set that could compare to them, yet you guys did for YEARS. Also this set relies on you make a Crit on the enemy for it to work, yet the proc itself now cannot crit (Again unless how Selene and Viper used to get crits all day!) and loads of people in PvP have damage shields, that you cannot crit against period. Or they will have critical resistance so this crit build you would need to have for this set to proc would be inferior in PvP so its not even worth using in PvP if you ask me.
for magNB, shadowy disguise will ensure a critical strike on your next attack. this is double the damage viper used to have on non cp campaign and will surely increase on the standard one.
crit works against shields, just damage done is not critical, e.g. wizard reposte set. here as well crit will proc, it will activate set, however damage will be done not critical against chars with damage shield
The proc is blockable and dodgeable and if you' run out of range it won't reach. NOTHING like viper was.
i buyes orsanium dlc for vMA great Sword and i ran it for a year manu time over and over again but now .......
also me and my firend buy this game for 60$ but now we leaving for nerf becuse when you cant trust the game you cant play aswell.
we dont saying its bad set and we dont want it to nerf but we want vipers-selne-velidrith ners back.......
Where to find jewlery? I have done 20 times the dungeon and no one
Gotta run vet big dog, some dungeons only drop jewls on vet
What a joke of a set. They nerf stam procs but magicka procs remain untouched and even give them another one
ummmm what is overwhelmingly being run in pvp these days ? Magicka builds ?
Aha magicka viper set... cool *sarcasm*
I wish it was instant dog like viper was. Viper didn't even have to crit, just a light attack. This is blockable, kiteable and dodgeable. QQ
Does the damage type match the staff used or does it cycle through them?
Seems to be random
nope. it's random