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I love all the people complaining about the friken' BKG. Sure its good, but have you tried rolling? Quickstepping? Fast weapons? No? Well try that and stop complaining. There are bigger fish to fry (there are weapons better than this one to complain about).
Lol, where is your logic? There are worse weapons so we should ignore how bad this one is? The tracking is dumb, the damage is pretty good and the running attacks are OP... Tell me its hard to roll catch with the running attack, i dare you. This weapon has a certain amount of bull*****to it and just because there are other weapons that are equally bad or worse than this doesn't mean this one is any less bad... There are increased **** statistics in some cities, does that mean the **** in the less prominent areas are any less bad?
The only people I would imagine hating on a weapon are people that never used the weapon and only fight against it, don't know how to spam roll, are not around meta level and is level 350, or actually have a good reason to not like based on their experiences using it.
I dont get why ppl complain about weapons all, if you think its bad then pick one you like, if your problem is that it is good are you asking for a game with **** weapons?? This game is fun just enjoy it :)
The uncharged 1-handed R2 has 990 degree tracking during the attack... (we DS2 PvE now)

The uncharged 2-handed R2 has 720 degree tracking during the attack.

When charged, both moves are reduced to 180 degree tracking.


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I always found it weird and hilarious that this thing takes 28 strength and yet it's a damn Dexterity weapon. It ends up scaling higher in Dexterity than not...some weapons just make no sense to me. Weapons scaling Dex, but have higher Str requirements. Or weapons with Int requirements but having NO scaling in them. Same with Fth requirements, but no Fth scaling...

This is the last Dark Souls guys. Come on. Get this***** right. :| Just saying.
You need alot of strength to lift sometjing that those guys use since dey fight demons
Read weapon description and you'll see why it requires such high strength.

It makes perfect sense.
* alert
Amazing 6 hit combo, only downside to this weapon is its odd scaling requiring a lot of strength but scales better with dexterity.
Combos shouldn't exist Imo. Even just r1 > r1 shouldn't be a thing, especially if your opponent has like 45 poise. Idgaf if your build revolves around it, take that gimmicky trash back to street fighter where it belongs. Thank god perseverance exists, id have quit if it weren't for pocket-poise.
Which Black Knight weapon is the best for a 40 strength and 40 dexterity build?
This or the black knight greht sword. But it depends on your fighting style. Black knight great sword is probably easier to use
All Black Knight weapons are best on Quality builds.
You're trying to compare four different weapon classes dude. That's like comparing trucks, cars, motorbikes and airplanes. They all have their uses.
R1 L2+R2 Doesn't work. R1 L2+R1 does tho.
you forget to mention the concept of poise damage and stamina consumption of the attack factored in the attack rating of the weapon especially affected by the opponets armour, stability and poise your evidence is:

1) weapons weight and stamina consumed in attacks affect damage try experimenting with a fully upgraded light club or rapier you will still do neglible damage & poise damage to heavy stable and armored opponents like havel or the drakes in the drake valley when i kill them using bandit knife they absorb 7 hits to stunlobk and they died mainly of bleed effect.

2) in comparison black knight weapons stunlock them in 1 or 2 hits depending on stamina consumption as the item description says they require the wearer to put his entire weight into the attack also their unique beautiful strong attacks consume like 100 stamina unit but deals 405 against artorias grave defenders in darkroot garden higher than the weapon attack rating which is unique and this what made the bk able to smack down (bk weapons consume stamina for 3 attacks in 1 attack) game plot.

to come close to this damage outout in early game u will have 2 use da stone great sword with red tearstone ring. more dangerous but more rewarding playstyle.

3) in ds2 if u initiate an attack with nearly depleted stamina the damage output decreases software introduced this modification of game mechenics in subsequnt series.

4) your strong attack(2) with same weapon and attack rating consume more stamina and deal more damage when compared to a light attack (r1).

5) in ds1 your black knight halbard requires higher strengh to dexterity to wield efficently 32/18 and scales for D/E EVEN THOUGH HALBARDS ARE DEXTERITY WEAPONS.

this happened also for da stone twinblade in ds2 scales for strength although this is a dexterity class weapons.

6) in ds3 software updated the it to black knight glave to have the same strength>dexterity weapon requirments but completely changed the weapon scaling to D for strengh and C for dexterity for regular +4 & +5 upgrades which made da weapon even harder to use.

please upgrade both weapon pages to help new players.
STFU dude
I'm a new player and what you typed literally did nothing except confuse me more. Pages are fine and I understood it until I read whatever you wrote. Please don't speak for other people.
Halbards aren't primarily Dex weapons. You tool.
Please don't update the weapon pages with this mindless drivel. Seriously, why the HICK would they update weapon pages about DS3 weapons with some gibberish about the Stone Greatsword from DS1?
What I'm confused about is how you seem to think that the company is named "Software." The company is called "From Software" you mindless degenerate.
Halberds are quality weapons not dex ones you absolute moron.
Dude, the poise fact replaced with hyper armor.
"cannot be infused". In combination with the dex scaling and the high str requirements this is a huge problem
Use a quality build, all of the black knight weapons suit quality builds.



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Added AR softcaps and Scaling information
Has anyone noticed a bright spot underneath of where you found this weapon? Can anyone explain this
I'm also thinking the same thing, hmmmm?
Is it like the bright ring around Velstat on DS2?


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Someone explored down there and it was just the mountains from the background of the original cemetery of ash peeking through the pitch black skybox