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You also need 2 majestic horns for the kadachi pillar 2, insect glaive
You need 3 of them for the Diablos Coilbender bow
Dang just for a kadachi weapon wow...
Lmao I’m doing the same
Majestic Horn is also used to upgrade the Insect Glaive's Diablos Tree for the Tyrannis Glaive 1.
Show the charge blade some love, you need 3 majestic horns to upgrade the Diablos Wall 2 into the Diablos Tyrannis 1
Are you supposed to get twisted horns for hr Diablos, it's not on the loot table in game, and I've gotten twisted horns instead of majestic horns twice, without getting a single majestic horn any time I've broken the horns or beat a Diablos hr
the drop rate on this is abysmal, can it be retrieved in a tailraider safari?
Translation: Omg I tried like 4 times and didn't get anything. One time I even broke a horn;nothing!
Feels like a korean mmo trying to get this thing