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A bit of spoilers, but.
I showed her mercy and you encounter her later dead probably happy, maybe not, I think it's more of who you want to have swornbreaker it seems, there's many options that pops up depending on your story on who to give the limited amount of it to.
You get a unique skillbook if you free her: Charm Voidwoken. Its also free to learn, you don't have to have any points in summoning.
If you talk to her before freeing her from the cage, you're able to trade with her, she only has the 2 virtue tokens, wich you can buy for about 353 each (more or less)
They removed Charm Voidwoken in a later patch of the game, and instead you receive a Door to Eternity skillbook instead.
Just got "Charm Voidwoken". It's not removed.
It's still there, but she won't give it to you with in every combination. It works if you choose to let her live (1), tell her to get to the chase (2)(crucial) and ask what comes next for her(1).
What..? No they didn't... n00b.
I didn't knew about the weapon before reading this. I hadn't built it yet so I couldn't give it to her and there was nothing on the subject in the dialogues. Nonetheless, before freeing her I bought the Source tokens and after freeing her she gave the charm voidwoken just like that.
Actually it seems you will only get the Charm Voidwoken skill book if you select your answers in a specific order. In the first case I got an option like "I admit I have swornbreaker" - this resulted in no skill book, in second try I got an option to stop her and give her swornbreaker, that give me the skill book too. I only got legendary loot by the way
About the Trivia Hint.Mind Maggot grenade costs less ap and has longer duration.Unless i am missing something..And The spell costs 1 memory.Not to mention the charm scrolls you can have until the end.
I'm guessing you missed the obvious "Charm Voidwoken" is not the same as the normal "Charm" skill. =)
You can get the "Charm Voidwoken" skillbook AND KILL the undead ***** for the Source Tokens(Looted of her corpse) if you attack her before the final ending of the conversation. There will also be a battle of wills with the God King when speaking to the Spirit of Windego. Why is this not mentioned?
Best comment so far. Thx for advice.
I'm unable to approach windego in arx. When i try to, she instantly attacks me, but because she is still in the cage, I cannot retaliate as I cannot select her as a target
If you use Loremaster you'll see has a negative attitude, which will be further lowered by the Stench talent and make her hostile. Unchain that character and leave them out of her sight range.