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Did you guys notice that when locust is attacking you with his grab attack he is mumbling something? But i can´t hear what exactly...
They say "I shall partake".
The only thing i have ever heard them say is "I shall partake"
they say "faith builds are thrash"
And let the feast begin
Partake I shall.
By the way, the non-hostile preachers are not the same one who's moving around the Ringed City. It's many different preachers, all located on different places. But other than the hostile preachers, the non-hostiles don't respawn. There are 3 in total, I believe. One at the start, one at the bridge over the 3 harald soldiers at the swamp, and one where you pick up the ring knight straight sword


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They were annoying, so I killed them all.... Let the feast begin!
Locust Preacher drops truth.
I thought the person the Locust Preacher as "one who sought knowledge" was Aldia
Sorry, I meant "the person the Locust Preacher REFERED TO as"
By far the most confusing encounters I ever had in the game. I was always left scratching my head whenever he said "and let the feast begin".
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