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Easy to farm souls & lots of embers helping people defeat dancer
It's nice that you included drop rates and such things. It's very helpful knowing that this enemy "rarely" drops embers, or that enemy "commonly" drops it. Or that this enemy drops it with an unspecified drop rate. Well done.
It's nice that the pages to certain enemies you linked on this page just don't exist. You're doing a good job
The Lothric caste farm is not bad, though I wouldn't call it a "common" drop. I just did about 25 runs and got about 8 Embers, a few chunks, a sunlight medal and a crap-load of armor, shields and shards. So essentially 8 embers from 75 Lothric knights.

No doubt you would get better results with gold coins, but that seems like a waste.

Ember is Hungarian for human
Tbh the black knights at untended graves are the best if you want embers...i wanted their sword but the *****ers keep dropping embers
"Lothric Castle first bonfire is the ideal farming location for Ember, as Lothric Knights there are extremely vulnerable to parrying, backstabbing and Great Chaos Fire Orb."

THE DANCER BONFIRE IS WAY BETTER!!!! KILL THE TWO OUTSIDE WITH 1 Great Chaos Fire Orb each then homeward and repeat, A LOT FASTER... how can you guys not know this after years... i started playing a week ago...
Well i Asume they tell this for People who Startet the Game and dont have the Dancer Fire becouse its way later in the Game still the Vordt Fire is near too so dunno
does anybody notice that the shape of the ember is that of a humanity from dks1?
Embers are dropped by Darkwraiths.