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This is what happens when Krillen comes up with your spells.
It's not terrible, it costs less FP thank lightning bolt, it is very tricky to use, but if you can get the distance just right, you can hit an enemy 4-5 times with it on a single cast, assuming they remain stationary.

its a low cost for potential higher damage kind of deal.
You can always have a shield in your main hand and cosplay Rygar with this miracle...
This is a fantastic spell for depleting your FP in exchange for no discernible effect.
Why all the krillin references when sailor moon had this ***** on lockdown
BOOOOOO!! my foot. The OP is right, sailor moon had this as her signature attack for like a season and a half... before krillin existed... and krillin is a *, why even bring him up?
Decent for PVE, but terrible for PVP.
*Both are terrible.
lightning clutch ring does not add anything to the damage output - not lightning damage based miracle apparently
A lot of offensive miracles do physical damage... this isn't DS2.
With 60 faith, yorshka chime +10, sun firstborn ring, morne ring and ariandel rose buff i got a 160+160... And the second hit have an horrible tracking
yep same result, with +10 saint tail, a big f u from fromsoftware with this spell
This spell is better on big targets, when you cast it, the disk doesn't come back immediately, when it reaches its maximum range it swirls in mid air for about a second or two, if you judge your distance right, the disk can hit your target multiple times at max distance.

which explains why individual hits from the spell is so weak.

I think the way for them to fix the spell is that the disk doesn't disperse when it hits walls or other objects, that ways, this spell could be very good against opponents that's being backed in to a corner
Miracles in this game are so pathetic it hurts.
Thanks for fixing the problem from. Oh wait...
got 300 damage on SL 250. My eyes are bleeding
I get over 700 in PvP on SL 239.

Even stronger in PvE
Some miracles are useful. It's pretty fun hitting the Wyvern in the Nameless King fight for 2950 damage with a single Sunlight Spear.
At least cut the cast time in half and lower the fp consumption. Would you FS?