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Hello Everyone,

I wanted to share/discuss my build for NIOH. I call it the “wild axe” build. It’s loosely based off the attacker build in city of heroes. (In city of hero’s your attacker did great damage but was somewhat vulnerable with a few “berserker” abilities that let you get out of trouble.)

How do I make someone who hits very hard, hits often and extremely mobile?
The answer is an axe user with A agility and every passive benefit possible.

Here is my recipe:
The 4 stats you’re going to care about are:
1) Strength – you want high damage (As high as you can)
2) Heart – you need decent KI (Max 30)
3) Spirit – you need a strong connection with your spirit animal (Max 30)
4) Magic – You’ll need some buffs (Max 25)

AXE: You’re going to rely on reflexes and memorization a lot, so your skills are limited to passive effects (Fortitude, cornered boar, Inner light, living water, damage improvement +20) and mad spinner (for emergencies)

Magic: You’ll want some elemental seals and rejuvenate but you really need Sloth, Awakening, Pleiades & Extraction. After those max out: inanimate enchantment.

Ninja: Here is an interesting part, once you get to the third region you should have your character on their way. At this point I respec’d my character so I could take all the Ninja trials so I could purchase: Quivermaker, Shot pouch, Cloud runner, dodging and get the mystic ability concealment. NOW, respec your character again (back to the original mode) and you’ll have all the high level skills available to you but you won’t need to keep points in skill or dex. You should have plenty of ninja locks at this point to buy the skills listed above.

Equipment: I used the Legendary Strategist's Garb. It’s light and its key abilities are map related. I like to plan my steps nicely so its good know what’s around the corner. I kept forging new armor at every level (no reason to soulmatch) but I would reforge it to have Ki evasion bonus, living weapon bonus and auto heal. You can use other light armors but you need the A agility! This armor also has a low requirement cap. I would also advise you to keep any weapons with inheritable skills you can use later.

Weapon: Mononobe Axe (Or Kaido Axe). I choose these two weapons for one reason they both have a chance at the skills: Change to attach Strength A and Bonus to attach Agility A. (You can also farm the Mononobe Axe on the fight on the bridge. When I got to a high level I would farm another purple one and then Soul match it once because a 2nd soul match is too expensive.. then repeat)

Living Weapon: Kato until the Phoenix becomes available (Then Phoenix)

How this all works. The Good and The Bad.

I want to say this build isn’t for everyone. I have a specific play style, I like to be agile and move fast but I like big damage. I also accept the fact that I could be one hit killed. I tried to mitigate that with having the phoenix living weapon (Activates on death) coupled with Pleiades & Extraction. If I was effectively “killed” the living weapon kicks in and Pleiades & Extraction skills keeps me going for a very long time.

The big selling point for this build is stamina (KI). At level 145, I could repeat my mid attack 5 times in a row but more importantly I could dodge and run with impunity. This was due to some well placed KI pulses (with living water), cloud runner & dodge I could effectively dodge for infinity (I’ve never been winded).

I won’t lie, this build is a good mix of skill and cheese. It’s hard not having the armor and managing your attacks (with an axe you want to step in there and hack away). The levels are challenging and very fun because you’re dodging all over and trying to get off a big hit. BUT during a boss fight I drop a single sloth talisman with a Pleiades & Extraction chaser and as soon as you get “killed” you come back in a fiery berserker rage. Which is pretty cool.

Closing comments: I’m not an expert. I enjoyed the game and loved my build. It may not be for everyone but it worked for me, copy it, change it, reimagine it but have fun!