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Hey, I tried to make hexer glass cannon, but my browser crashed when I posted it, so I lost it.
Then i learned that this is way more powerful.
Anyway, you can start with any class and any gift.
Vigor: Whatever chosen class starts with.
Endurance: 50. The Greatsword will need as much as you can get.
Vitality: As much as possible!
Attunement: Starter, maybe get 12 for pyromancy.
Strength: 50! You need to become UNSTOPPABLE!
Dexterity: 30, preferably, but 10 works.
Adaptability: 35, become the hated ESTUS CHUGGER!
Intelligence: Base.
Faith: Base.

Right Hand 1: Greatsword +10
Right Hand 2: Alonne Greatbow +5
Left Hand 1: Tower Shield
Left Hand 2: Caestus +10, for parrying and a last resort.
Whatever armor is fine. I'm a troll, so I wear the jester set because IT'S THE UNIVERSAL ARMOR OF TROLLS!
And wear the Ring of Blades +2, the Steel Protection Ring +2, and whatever else you want.