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The page states you need 10 slabs for a regular weapon and 5 for a special weapon, but I just upgraded my washing pole to 10 for 1 slab. Any other weapons like this?
They mean you need a single slab to get a regular weapon from +9 to +10 or a special weapon from +4 to +5
You're kidding right?
Ha! Oh wait you're serious.
Somehow on my NG+++ toon I got the shrine handmaid to sell infinite slabs for 30k souls. I think it's the Captain's Ashes that do this.
Please show us proof.
So much Slammin' to do and so few slabs. My Giant Wood requires it to finish.

But how bout dat FUGS? Plus a knight ring and knight slayer ring.. it's disgusting.
Too bad fugs was nerfed to not be worth the investment unless you like the fashion
fugs; *****in ugly garbage sword...

that is and will forever be all it is
So. First play-through of the game, I got half of the 8 slabs available to me, and spent one on upgrading my weapon. I go into NG+, and head over to the dancer boss room. I am killing the knights around the boss room, and i go to the one to the left of the dancer boss room, the one with the red eyes. When I killed him, he dropped me a slab. I don't know if it is a NG+ thing, or if it is just really, really, really rare, as no one else has reported something like this. Anyone have an explanation for this?
Sorry but I must ask if you are serious or trolling? Do you have a pic or video of the drop please?
You're f***ing lucky
I can confirm. This has happened to me too in two separate playthroughs and both times it really caught me off guard. However I thinks it's just really rare.
lol, Arianderl
One dropped from the Ringed Knight using twin greatswords near the Filianore's Rest bonfire.
That lapp guy (i believe he is actually patches the voice is a dead give away) Gives you a titanite slab in the new DLC, i have died a couple of times to angels around the bonfire of earthen peak, he first appeared on the small cliff near the bonfire and said something about the treasure in dreg heap. After a couple of deaths (or baybe after picking the great door shield thing) he appeared down the cliff standing i talked to him and he gave me the slab.
If you kill Patches, then move on to the ringed city dlc, Lapp is still there, they are not even related.
It absolutely is Patches. He says he's "unbreakable" in one of his dialogues. His name literally means Patch in Swedish, and you get the Squat gesture if you haven't got it yet when telling him about the Purging Monument
Are you guys for real, he even reveals his face, it is patches.
I think theres more then 3 slabs in ringed city, i havent counted everytime i picked it up but theres atleast 4 or maybe 5
there are 4: lapp, shira, halflight and the last ringed knight if you hug the left part of the area as you enter it.
There are only four slabs in The Ringed City, not 6.

-Lapp will tell you there's treasure in a cavern in Earthen Peak, right at the the swamp before the third Angel. It's guarded by a Harald Knight in the left corner. If you die or miss it and come back to Lapp he will gift it to you and you'll find the Harald Knight slain.
-Beating Halflight, Spear of the Church earns you a slab. (You can reset the fight, but a slab is only awarded on the first kill)
-Shira will give you a slab for killing Darkeater Midir. Alternatively, you can get this slab from her by killing her after the final boss in the chapel to the right of Filianore's Rest's bonfire.
-Kill the Ringed Knight wandering in the final area alone to the left for one.
I thought as much, given that 2 of the "six titanite Slabs of the ringed City came FROM THE SAME NPCS TWICE.
I have to agree on this, u can get only 4 slabs in the ringed city dlc. U dont get any slabs by completing Lapp's questline only his armor and shira will drop the slab after u kill her when she invade u to the right of gael's boss fight.
Shira will only drop the slab after u kill her when she invade to the right of Filianore's bonfire and NOT when u kill Darkeater midir. So yes there are only 4 slabs in the ringed city dlc
No, after you kill Darkeater Midir you can return to Shira to get a slab.
Yeah, this seems to be wrong information on the Ringed City DLC. 2 of the slabs listed are from the same two NPCs that you can get in one of two ways, not both times. I completed both questlines and only got 1 per, and ended with a total of 4.