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In my observation, what makes me look fat in this armor is the flat shoulder fur and rounder abdomen. In the DS 2 version, you have fluffier fur, making your shoulder look broader. The breastplate also looks like 2 overlapping pieces of armor which give you a hour glass figure. Stupid sexy Faraam. In this version however, the breastplate has a rounder belly and the fur is lackluster giving you an "O" shape rather than the "V" shape from DS2. Maybe From is actually trying to make Faraam knights look burly for lore reasons as I still think my character looks a bit "fat" with a slim build. What I did was to lower the waist slider (character creation->build details) as much as possible. It will look a bit weird on other armors, but you can have infinite appearance changes anyway.
Infinite Respec (stats and appearance)
You know what I think? Your just fat.
DS2 version looks sexier. DS3 version has a better color palette that doesn't look like plastic. Why can't I have both things at once?!
for all those knights out there: Equipping the Faraam helm instead of the elite knight helm increases your badass stat by 10-20 points, depending on what armor you are wearing
Faraam Helm, Wolf Knight Armor, Wolf Knight Gauntlets, and Fire Witch Leggins. Coolest looking armor imo. It's my go to. So aesthetically pleasing.
It's kinda disappointing that you can get this badass armor so late in the game just like is DS II -_-
right after I just started ng+ *sighs* goddamnit
Actually you can get it before vordt :v
Not before Vordt because the grand archives is locked until you defeat 3 lords of cinder.
"There is an overwhelming amount of evidence pointing to the possibility that Faraam is the true identity of the Nameless King."

Have you tried looking at the helmet?
Really nice outfit achieved by wearing this set except with the wolf knight chestpiece replacing the dream armor