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On 99/99 this weapon's AR is 623
I remember my very first run through the game while using this weapon. Got invaded by three aldritch defenders and thought they were NPC invaders with how easy and fast they went down.
this sword (along with the other blk knight weapons) will absolutely destroy the demon prince. killed him second try with this on ng +7. would have been first try, but was using a different weapon then.
I'm following my playthroguh of DS1 in DS3, Claymore hard leather armor until I get this sword and complete the rest of the game in a breeze
I didn't see anything that says which attacks are parriable and not parriable
all except jumping strong attack


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How long does the WA last and will the poise effect casting or just weapon attacks?
all forms of perserverance last 2 seconds and yes during that time you can't be staggered by anyhing, even spells
Perseverance can be used as rush tactic, because you CANNOT be poise broken or staggered under any circumstances (in terms of PvP).
For that reason, I find the WA very useful against ultra/great melee users, or true combo users. Just activate Perseverance in anticipation of an attack and wail on them (if the opponent's damage output is high, it might not be a good idea to trade).
god like at roll catching
insane sword, have it at +3 right now, probs gonna use it through the rest of the game
I tried this thing in PvP today and holy***** it is godly. Easily destroys those fat guys with big two-handers that want to trade. The WA, high damage and extra poise damage... perfection.
This is the tank destroyer. But also quick enough to destroy dex ***