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If you send Greirat out THEN give Siegward's armor back you can find Greirats dead body in the sewers before the kitchen where Siegward is in Irithyll of the Boreal Valley
Save him in Lothric!
Kill the Dragons. Kill the King. Then send him.
Tested and it worked. Not sure what to do with Patches. I did not remember what I said to him. Try it!
Can you tell us what he brings back then?
Ignore this post... even the eurogamer guide says that he dies in the cathedral.
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You can save Greirat on his second outing, even after defeating Pontiff! (And Aldrich even)

I accidently sent him on his second trip (Was trying to get to his shop) and decided "***** it, I gotta save him", threw three poison knives to aggro him and then went to get absolution, sadly, however, he was gone from the shrine and I assumed he was dead, so I went to fetch his ashes but they weren't in the spider infested sewer.

Later I went on to talk to patches to see if he had any wares to interest me and he asked about Greirat, and I sent him off, after defeating Oceiros, I found them both safe and sound back at the shrine, and Greirat happy and jolly to go on a third trip.
Had Greirat waiting for 3rd outing. I killed everyone expect Midr, Nameless King, Gael, Lothric Brothers, and soul of cinder, even did other side quests (with intention to get all achievements by the way).

I saw a post on here saying to kill enemies in Grand Archives, and I went thru most of building, but focused on killing all Gargoyles up top (since he dies near the Gargoyles at Grand Archives)

Then went back to shrine and sent Greirat out to Lothric. Also I killed patches at the same time.

Currently: I am wearing Catarina armor. Maybe a summon sign near? I did not see his ashes - will look more for anything new . If nothing new I will just kill Lothric brothers and return to see if his ashes are at his typical last ashes spot in the Grand Archives.
Killed Lothric brothers and soul of cinder....still cannot find grierat at Grand Archives or shrine
Can some provide feedback?
So for 3rd outing patches brings back wares of Greirat or player finds greirats ashes. If
Sorry for the late reply, but I think know what's wrong. After you send Greirat for his last outing to Lothric Castle, Patches will ask where he is, and if you tell him where he's gone to, he will try to save him. Although, there's no way to save him, thus resulting Greirat to die and leaving you being able to obtain his ashes. The part you probably messed up at was killing Patches. You probably didn't tell him where Greirat was after sending him out, but you also killed him, leaving you unable to obtain his ashes (though I'm not sure if it affects it). Some other things that could have gone wrong was 1) You didn't send Greirat to his 2nd outing, or he wasn't saved by Patches or Siegward, 2) you weren't looking in the correct spot for his ashes, 3) "Waited until after Twin Princes boss fight to send Greirat, still failed", and/or 4) "Killed Patches in firelink shrine, given that he goes "hollow" in the Ringed City - and might kill Greirat" (as mentioned as before, which is also listed on this page, so it could mean that's the reason).
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If you re having trouble sending greirat away for the first time to undead settlement try listening to all his dialogue without skipping plus he goodbye part
In one of my play through, I found him still alive even after finishing the game. I don’t what made him do so!
Would love feedback about my post (3rd down below from me) it has to do with Greirat and 3rd outing with no ashes. Yes I tried to kill bosses to get his ashes to load but still not there (Grand Archives food near gargoyles drop down spot)........
Roof not food
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