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can someone please help me kill date shigezane on the dragon of the north dlc. i have been on this boss 2 week and cannot kill it. please add me and ill send a message.





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Just go to Way of The Strong and come back when you've got better gear.

I would also recommend using elements + Living Weapon to confuse and punish the boss.

And for Shigezane, use attack debuffs like Wind debuff and Devigorate Talisman.
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Why do you need to add someone? Can’t you just invite a visitor? Has the pool dried up because I left to play Skyrim on Switch?

Living Weapon so you can get a few moments of breathing room, then get in close and hit him with a couple quick guardians. It stuns him while you attack with an elemental weapon. Repeat the guardian plus attack steps. I easily killed that boss, in Way of the Demon, in about 30 seconds, for my hosts. He was the easiest of all bosses for me, once I landed on that strategy. It matters which guardian and which elemental weapon, but I’ve forgotten all that, sorry. Fus Ro Dah!