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I think this armor is really great even though it is difficult to get


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I hope they add the red plume in the remastered version.
Praise the plume.


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rip the dream
literally unplayable
For some reason, my armor is dull grey, and not golden. Is this normal? Isn't it supposed to be golden?
Same issue here, looks like **** now. Of all the things they could've changed, why this?
No plume in the remaster nice. Classic as always Dark souls 1 in 60 FPS. AND almost without ANY changes, cause this games was perfectly balanced right ?
It's been said but yeah, no plume. Sucks. Yeah bring on the downvotes I'm criticizing the remaster.

But admit it, you wanted the plume too.
It was added in ds3 after a fan based petition awhile back. Anyone gonna do that again??
Not as protective as I would have thought. the Lightening defence is pretty bad, although the wiki could be wrong?