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Killed him at NG+7 on a SL 50 build with +6 weapons. I'm not bragging, but just proves anyone can *****ing do it. Just master the fight.
If you are a melee build, I would recommend having two types of weapons equipped:
1. A hard hitting weapon like a UGS or Great Hammer, "those" kind of weapons for ripostes. I typically use the Zweihander as it's on the lighter side of the UGS's with only 10.0 weight.
2. A fast and light weapon like a straight sword, rapier, etc., this will be your primary damage output. Personally I use the Gotthard Twinswords, not that powerful but it's one of the longest straight swords so it's more likely my attacks will connect (especially roll attacks).
I would also have some charcoal and gold pine resins for extra damage. Nameless is weak to fire, King of the Storm is weak to lightning (hopefully I don't need to explain which resin gives what buffs).
Lightning drakeblood greatsword makes short work of the drake actually
More like Nameless *****
I think it's worth noting that hornet ring doesn't affect ripost damage against both of this boss' phases.
Nameless isn't really that hard. I'm not saying it in a braggy way, I'm saying because there are much harder bosses than Nameless. Go fight Darkeater Midir and come back when you're done.
Midir was a joke
Difficult bosses are completely subjective in these games. For me, those Lothric & Lorian brothers were harder than Nameless King or Midir.
Tip: Transpose the Dragonslayer Armor soul into the Dragonslayer Greatshield, and fully upgrade it. Just turtle behind this weapon the entire time. The only attacks you should try avoiding is Nameless' "grab" attack, and maybe KoS' downward flame breath.
okay. and the dirty work is left for the sunbro, right? how nice of you...
What if Ornstein isnt the StormDrake, nut rather the Ancient Wyvern?
Not sure about Ornstein but I think too that Wyverns were made out of humans. Caused by the twinkling Dragon stones. Thats why the pus is breaking out of them ultimatly.
so much*****


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I've only ever heard one thing about him: that he is unfairly hard to kill.
Phase 1 is a bit cheap with the camera, though to be honest I've had more trouble with the camera for the Old Demon King fight (no joke), but the fight isn't unfair. Trust me when I say that he's a fair boss outside of some issues in Phase 1, you just have to get good. If you want to talk about unfair bosses then Ultra Necrozma from Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon takes that trophy from even Aldritch or Midir with the bull**** of that fight. The Bed of Chaos looks to be a more enjoyable fight than Ultra Necrozma was, I'm dead serious about that.
The splitleaf great sword is a good weapon to use, as it provide good damage with heavy gem if youre running a str build, and just use lightning resin for added dmg.