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Nice to see all these ds1 boss armors and no golem or judgement sets...
Am I the only one thinking that more sets from the previous titles should have been added? Targray's Set and the Black Cleric Set are the first that sping into mind...
so many armor sets yet few of them match into a fashionable combine until your neck appears,makes your head a pinhead,makes you fat or clip into each other.
Gotta hand it to DS2 because it had better looking armors and matching sets without any issues.
All I'm readying is complaints and whining. Y'all still play the***** out of it regardless.
Not really. Most people have abandoned this game for it's flaws if you haven't noticed.



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"Not really. Most people have abandoned this game for it's flaws if you haven't noticed." I still invade every 5 milliseconds at Pontiff
Want to do a Mario Bros. cosplay with a friend. What armor should I use?
old sorcerer hat and brigand armour chest
You could do something with Alva and Faraam sets. Red and Green respectively and the size differences between them could signify how Mario and Luigi are different sizes. Idk just an idea
the mushroom hat ofcourse!
Since the series ended they should assemble a group of people who are good at armor designs and add 2-3 armor sets to game once in a while and make the armor sets downloadable like add-ons so that people can select the ones they want to use,so this prevents the game becoming more epty space consuming.
I'd prefer a boss rush mode to this.
praise the absorption
We need more armor sets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pyro's blindfold * Dragon Scale Chest piece + Abyss Watcher gauntlet + either Northern or Knight leggings = Scarred Warrior
Sage's Blindfold + Dragon Scale + Clerics Gloves + Lorian's Leggings = My favorite outfit in the entire game
Desert Pyromancer hood + Alva's Chest/Gauntlets/Leggings = My second favorite
Used the second set you mentioned from the moment I farmed the hood in ng, all the way through ng+7 in DkS2.