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The only thing that's killing me in this boss fight is the insta-kill arrows. Who's idea was it to force you to dance around the boss room dodging both a rain of instant death as well as the boss's normal attacks?
It's not that hard to outrun, you can do this!
I'm sure you've already beaten him but before I was spam rolling away in one direction, then I learned to run in a big circle away from it.
For me the arrows aren't all that bad,its his purple orbs,fire trail,and Kamhehameha.
Does Aldrich really look like a guy to you?


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Now he is. Because he devoured gwyndolin "the trap" so, now we can be sure that aldrich is "he" :D
It is stated that Gwyndolin (the body sticking out of the sludge) was raised as a girl, due to his affinity to the moon. Aldrich is the blobby sack of sludge and bones. And yes, he was a he.
Someone doesn't know the DS1 lore. XD
I could beat beat this boss if his second phase of arrows didnt suck like a mother*****ing*****
Oh dude, don't tell me. I was building a tanky paladin and didn't invest a lot in endurance. I just couldn't fully outrun his arrows. I killed him the 12th time or something where the guy didn't feel like flicking arrows at me for once. Many say he is one of the easiest bosses, I *****ing hate him.
at least were all in the same boat the arrows are hard to doge in his/her/its second phase
I doubt Aldrich devoured Nito because Nito was killed by the Chosen Undead, while Gwyndolin is an optional boss. So aldrich might devoured gwyndolin but not Nito.
But your argument doesn't work in this specific case. Because Ornstein and Smough for example were also necessary to kill in order to progress the story and yet in the lore of Dark Souls 3, it is stated that Ornstein left Anor Londo after a while to look for Gwyn's Firstborn, meaning he did not die in DS1.
People wondered if Ornstein in Londo was real even when DS 1 was only part released. Many thought that he could be Gwyndolin illusion the same way as really a lot things there.


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This would make sense as Ornstein's "death" animation only shows him falling to his knees before he vanishes. This could indicate that the Chosen Undead simply incapacitated Ornstein.
I was having trouble with Aldrich. Then I popped some magic and fire resist before the fight, and won.
I’m not so sure about the fire weakness :/ I imbuned my lotheric knight’s sword with fire before the fight and did about 90 less damage than normal. When the resin wore off I left it off and was able to kill him quickly


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although i'm not sure, i'm pretty sure killing aldrich causes the darksign to appear in the sky in most areas.
if this is true, it should probably be added to trivia. because it's trivia I guess.
this is bound to anris questline as far as i am aware it appears after you sacrifice her (aka the wedding). usualy you do that right befor killing aldrich
Nah, the dark sign appears in the sky after you kill Yhorm, the Abyss watchers and Aldrich and get teleported to the Dancer boss room
It has nothing to do with Anri's questline, the sky changes and you get summoned to fight the Dancer (if you haven't already) once you kill three Lords of Cinder.
Locking onto Aldrich in melee is the worst advice I've ever seen for a boss, especially from this wiki. Locking onto Aldrich in melee causes your attacks to target her torso, bringing you in close range and leaving you prone to getting hit from the Area of Effect damage from her teleport. Do NOT lock onto her. Free aim at her tail. Did the person who wrote the melee strategy even fight this boss solo? GTFO
Aldrich is MALE FFS. GTFO
I think by that point Aldrich is pretty much an "it" considering he devoured male and female alike AND several races.



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Aldrich is definitely an it, some of the item descriptions say "it"
You can lock on to the head-body, you know?
I was able to solo it with melee and only used 4 Estus
Anyone ever realized that Aldrich himself (the blob, without Gwyndolin) looks rather similar to the Mass of Souls from the New Londo Ruins in DS1?
He ate so much he bloated like a pig and then softened into sludge
So yeah
I was somewhat reminded of the carthus sandworm.
if you are even half decent at maths you'll realize the tail doesnt take half damage compared to upper part. very simple exemple : 102 dmgs from my broadsword hit on tail and 153 on body ===> upper part takes 50 % more damages ( ===> lower part takes 1/3 ≈ 33 % less damages )