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The only thing that's killing me in this boss fight is the insta-kill arrows. Who's idea was it to force you to dance around the boss room dodging both a rain of instant death as well as the boss's normal attacks?
It's not that hard to outrun, you can do this!
I'm sure you've already beaten him but before I was spam rolling away in one direction, then I learned to run in a big circle away from it.
Does Aldrich really look like a guy to you?


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Now he is. Because he devoured gwyndolin "the trap" so, now we can be sure that aldrich is "he" :D
I could beat beat this boss if his second phase of arrows didnt suck like a mother*****ing*****
I doubt Aldrich devoured Nito because Nito was killed by the Chosen Undead, while Gwyndolin is an optional boss. So aldrich might devoured gwyndolin but not Nito.
But your argument doesn't work in this specific case. Because Ornstein and Smough for example were also necessary to kill in order to progress the story and yet in the lore of Dark Souls 3, it is stated that Ornstein left Anor Londo after a while to look for Gwyn's Firstborn, meaning he did not die in DS1.
I was having trouble with Aldrich. Then I popped some magic and fire resist before the fight, and won.
I’m not so sure about the fire weakness :/ I imbuned my lotheric knight’s sword with fire before the fight and did about 90 less damage than normal. When the resin wore off I left it off and was able to kill him quickly