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Add me on Xbox for sun bro co-op

jolly cooperation
PS4 GT TheMargwaParty
Ps4: ureawesome
Need help with soul of cinder. *****ed up the npc questline so dont have ally :/
I need help with abyss watchers
Message me on Xbox one at I5diamonds
you need help
I need help with the twin princes fight? I have tried for ages and still haven't been victorious.
I need help with dragon armour boss.


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dragon slayer is pretty weak to magic, so getting pale pine resin and a fast, straight sword can help a lot when dealing with the shield bashes, learn the rolls and dodge the annoying spit from the flying dragons in phase 2, good luck =p
On the second wave when the dragons rain fire balls on the bridge and his weapon becomes in lightning form roll toward him then right
If any body needs help on ps4 and is stuck on the abyss watchers input username and ill help you
Ps4 player needing help new to console ds3 already done pc last year, wyldcaem is psn name oceanic region anyone free to add
I need help with the Gravetender. Nobody is laying down summon signs at the Deep Painting bonfire, and I can't take on this boss without help. I'm only good at one on one fights and I get completely screwed on the Gravetender Wolf.
My PSN is Legendary_Misaka (no not Attack on Titan, MiSaka as in Toaru Kagaku no Railgun.. can't tell you HOW many people never found me cause of that stupid mistake). PLEEEEASE.. NOBODY IS LAYING DOWN ANY SUMMON SIGNS!!!
tip: kill the human first with a frost weapon, or bleed, you can kill him pretty fast before the wolf can run to you, then it just use a fire weapon on wolf and its over
Learn to spell, ***!