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Using Peace of Mind pyro buff on the rat also clears its affliction. gets its a mental debuff...
A way to help the Historian without an elf and blood rain that worked for me: Attack one of your party members until there is blood on the ground, teleport the Historian on the blood, bless it, throw a poison bomb ect. on him so he doesn't die.
I teleported one of my characters in front of him and attacked it with other person, the blood splattered on historian and doused the flames
Does this work with an undead party?
didnt get the quest
So long story short, I have a possible bug for this quest, details are contained below. If anyone can figure out what went wrong, it should probably be made note of.

Does going around to the back before even starting the quest potentially bug it out? Or might it be something else I've done? I went around the back way when I was exploring the island and walked up to the door of the tower, was told I entered the wrong way, then cleared out the tower. Afterwards I went around to the front end of the maze, and the quest started as normal. I got quest updates as I made progress, though admittedly I hadn't used a single skull by the time I made it to the Historian, and I had all but two of them by that point. Finished helping the Historian, got the last remaining skulls, went to the door of the tower, and nothing happens. No dialogue or anything. The quest was still marked as active though. So I reload my save, the quest updates after using two skulls, I use a third, then I try the gargoyle at the tower door again. Still no dialogue or quest update. So I'm not sure where I went wrong, but the fact that I'm getting no dialogue and the quest is unable to be completed seems like it's probably some kind of bug.

Hopefully reloading from before I start the maze and just doing it over will fix it, but I feel like that should be made note of, if anyone has any idea what went wrong. (Also, I do not have Braccus's ring, if that matters at all. I flubbed that up by not immediately breaking Trompdoy's soul jar and just stuffing it into by bag.)
Same damn problem here. The Gargoyle didin't activate,k even after reloading save with no skulls picked.
I found the back way in as well. Then played around with the maze a bit because there are a couple skulls you can get from corpses on the Tower side of the maze. From everything I played around with, you need 3 things to get the quest reward from the tower for completing the quest.
First the gargoyle at the front door must talk to you. I haven't tested at what point using the back way in cancels this. I did check that if you go as far as getting to the back of the tower, you won't get gargoyle conversation at the front door.
The second thing you need is the gargoyle in the Historian room to ask you how Braccus Rex would put out fire. Not sure what events can cancel this.
Finally there is beating the fight and saving the Historian as described above.
Beyond that it is just a matter of making sure you have enough skulls to get through the maze.
To put out the Hellfire condition on the Historian.
After my fight in that area, there was a cloud of steam nearby. I teleported the Historian into that cloud and it caused him to stop being on fire. After that I could Bless him.
I found this out by fking about:
The Rat that asks you to shock it can be dealt with by casting rain, and then shocking the water near the rat. This will shock the rat but not kill it XD.
Using uncanny evasion on the rat will count as a shock. (not sure if all air magic will work but might be worth a shot)
just a tip if you move the green noxious bulb onto the platform the historian is on after the fire is doused he will heal enough so he cant die
If you don't have a teleporting skill, there is a hidden switch in the bushes to the left of the portal you see in the first room to the right. Stepping on it raise a ladder to the portal allowing you to go through to the elevated switch and collect the skull.
You can use Flesh Sacrifice to douse the flames on The Historian, if you don’t have Raining Blood.