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When two-handing most weapons, your left arm will clip through the shoulder plate.
RIP fashion souls ;-;
Ikr? It's so sad especially since armor like that feels so good to have a big 2 handed weapon to accompany it. :(
I usually use (because it's a knight thing not because it's "meta, it's very easily countered) a straight sword with greatshield and it looks good, so no probs for me!
how to make ''new content''
Remove armor from base game that looks gorgeous
Add it back with a dlc
Call it ''new armor''
This was like, literally the only thing cut from the base game and added. So, your comment is idiotic.
Yeah, when they cut things, they should stay cut! Who needs 'em!?
It wasn't the only cut thing. The Bow you can get in the Ringed City DLC was supposed to be a soul transposition item from the dancer of the boreal valley. And I think there's 1-2 more things but I can't remember which ones.
Just checked, this set and the bow are literally the only things that were cut. So again, your comment is idiotic.
Two things cut vs the 20+ new things the DLCs added? Oh, the horror! Bunch of babies.
they cut the burial knight set and replaced it with vilhelms
"they cut the burial knight set and replaced it with vilhelms"
What? They don't even have the same meshes and armor textures outside of the minor helm display similarities. Burial Knight Set doesn't even have the same stats. You guys are really dumb, you should learn what cut content is vs new content. Lapps Set and the Birch Bow are the only things they added. Why? Because they were cut and readded with the same textures, meshes and everything. So I guess the Ringed Knight weapons and armor, Millwood Knight set and weapons, all the spells are cut content and readded huh? /sarcasm
It's morons like you that complain about content getting cut, but will complain if they leave it in because it's "unfinished".

And people aren't paying for the armour set are they? One set of armour doesn't thicken out the set price tag, and why would it?

It would see you are the same kind of idiot that feels the need to share with us what "Profit" means (BTW that is how you spell that), because you think its some obscure word none of us know the definition of, but truth is, we have known most our lives and you are just incompetent. Not to mention you feeling the need to put a god damn arrow in the middle of the sentence... just because you sometimes forget which direction you are supposed to read in doesn't mean we do...
This is probably one of the best heavy sets when it comes to defense and weight. Only thing that's lacking is the poise it has when compared to the others.
that imaginary stat?
Poise isn't imaginary if you're using greatswords, UGS, CGS, greataxes, glaives/halberds or a hammer. There are very specific poise breakpoints for each one of these, depending on what you're facing.
Really? I thought it had pretty great poise for its weight
like poise matters
black iron helm, heavy greataxe and iron flesh with this = iron golem cosplay :^)
Be wary of ankle biters, be wary of wibbly wobbly. Not my best joke, but you get it, right?
[Spoiler Warning I guess]

If you kill Patches prior to playing the DLC then Lapp doesn't appear. Lapp is nowhere to be found in my game. I didn't even know he was in the game until I saw someone in a video talking to him.
i kill patches every time and lapp still showed up
That isnt the case my friend killed patches and just yesterday we were doing dlc and Lapp was there you must've done something wrong
why did they changed it to a bronzed look it looked better silver
You must have confused it with the ruin set, looks almost the same, but bronze in color and also thinner.
No they're right. When reflecting light, this set looks somewhat bronzed. How does this look similar to ruin armor tho? The helm are in the same kind of look but everything else is totally different
ITS really wierd how most heavy armors in DS 3 have no vision slits or vents/ grills to breath out of. (Realism *** triggered)
i care about how the hell does a person see with this it covers the whole face and these helmets were used in real life too how did they see with these
It's actually very realistic, it's just being used incorrectly. This is jousting armor. It wouldn't have been used for battle
The helmet could only really be seen out of straight ahead, or slightly downward. You wouldn't wear this helmet as a footsoldier, but only if you were jousting.
This kind of helm existed and had slits because it was for jousting only. you would only wear it for a few minutes. The harness with thouse elongated tassets is typical for 16/17 century suits.
Well, it does have some very slight vision slits, and do hollows even need to breathe? It's possible they only breathe because it is something that they did while alive, and it helps keep the, from fully hollowing for a little bit longer?
As a guy who's fought in several types of brigandine and plate, I'll tell you: we manage. The visor's made so narrow because it's preferable to lose some vision on account of a visor, versus taking an arrow through the eyes. The slits had to be narrow enough to stop a bolt or a lance.
This is a jousting only tournament armour, the reason the slits are so thin and high up is to prevent splinters from the lance shattering from blinding the man inside, also the neck is completely immobile and bolted to the torso so that if a lance hits him directly in the helmet the force from the impact won't snap his neck, thats also why the left hand side has such a large plate.
It would make sense for it to be thin, but I kind of agree because there is ZERO vision slots at all.
To those wondering how one could see in such a helmet: The Frog-mouth helm was probably the single most protective kind of jousting helmet. In order to see one had to bend forward. Right before the impact a knight would straighten his position. That way he'd lose vision but the splinters from the shattering lance could not penetrate his visor as it was pointing upwards. There were field helmets that made it impossible to move one's head (the grand bascinets for instance) but they had wider visors pointing forward and a considerable number of slits for breathing.
Armor of Götz von Berlichingen, another Berserk reference, but a very well hidden this time.
mmm nope...seems more ispired by 16th century north german field armor...why from trasformed it in a jousting suit i have no idea
well...that's what he wrote. and it's not untrue that its design was reused many times (Griffith, Locus, knights etc.) in Berserk. Also said dude had an arm prothetic like's right 300% actually.
"oh hey a speck of dust that's totally a berserk reference" **** off
This is the funniest armor. It makes your neck stiff and your head cannot rotate freely anymore.
Thats because IRL this was a set of tournament armour specifically for jousting, the neck is completely stiff and "bolted" to the torso so that the impact of a lance will not break the wearers neck.
The key words there are "jousting armor," which would be damn near impossible to fight in. However, compared to full stone armor, fat bling boi, and... normal fat boi, it's probably the most practical.
extra thicc ruin sentinel armor