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Pthumeru Ihyll Root Chalice
Blood Rock:Layer 3 pre-boss side area
9vb3tzza - I did it just now and it also cantains Ring of Betrothal on Layer 2 pre-boss area and Communion on Layer 4 pre-boss area.
The third option for the Lost Burial Blade is fake. I checked every treasure room of every floor, its not there.
For the Formless Oedon glyph d2dygihn a +5 communion rune is in the pre layer one room.
The glyph d2dyghin with the communion and formless oedon has an awesome bloodgem farming spot in the layer one room with the ladder platform and the two labyrinth warriors below. Those labyrinth warriors one with sword and shield (sword is on fire) and the greatsword one (also has flaming sword) can drop cursed tempering bloodgems levels 5 and 6. These gems can have a max of 22.5% physical and ad 7.5, 8.5, and 9.5 flat physical as well. Farming them is very easy aggro them and they will climb up the ladder simply charge attack them off and they will keep climbing up over and over again. Just be wary of the left an pthumerian gunner is patrolling and he could snipe you if you are not careful. Otherwise yeah just kill the warriors go back to the lamp 2 meters away and come back and do it again. Very easy to do hope this helps!
Rom can be as a boss in Pthumeru Ihyll Root Chalice also. Add that info.
FRC ihyll. 26n5z4gf
Lost blade of mercy: pre 1st lamp, side door, golden chest.
Lost Chikage: pre 2nd lamp, side door, downstairs, right of cave past rats and sage, golden chest
Great One's Wisdom: pre 3rd boss. Not sure which item it's supposed to be, might be something I already have.
So I just got Rom as the layer 3 boss even though she's not listed as one of the potential bosses here?
Just done the first treasure room found ring of betrothal. Don't plan on doing any more of this area, until my friend creates a dungeon. Let me know what you find gut feeling is its a good one. F/R/C offering ihyll root.
I entered two of the glyphs listed to find bloodrocks but it only gives me great one's wisdom, and it's the first time I entered these glyphs do guys know why?
have you been it that chalis dungen befor not the glyph if so you only get the blood rock once


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Cannot find this sinister root chalice, anyone have glyph for the messengers? I am growing bored with the search bearing no fruit. -_-