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crystal is not S you idiots
he isn't wrong tho crystal +10 is A
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As you command, my thane.
Don't you just hate it when you're using this sword in pvp without spamming attacks, yet you get hate just for using the weapon. The only way you can use the dark sword without risking all the hate and point downs is if you're doing darkwraith cosplay .-.
I think it's just residual hate. The Longsword and Lothric Straight Sword are miles better, yet don't have a reputation like this one. The Dark Sword is now among the worst of the straight swords, if not the worst, due to its moveset and lower damage.
The only thing bad about it is its awkward heavy attack, but when coupled with the fact that the 2H moveset of all long swords are inferior to the 1h moveset, the Dark Sword gets pegged down a lot since that narrows your movepool even more.

I've been having fun with Stomp on the Bastard Sword though. It's a really good balanced WA, unlike Perseverance which can be spammed like no tomorrow. I've launched close to a dozen people up in duels just today alone. Last I tried, the Dark Sword stomp attack deals an average of 400~ depending on the target's defense, though it will always deal around 150 or so less damage than the Bastard Sword stomp. Will try the Dark Sword again soon.



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Getting 621 AR with a chaos gem. Sword is nuts
Really wish you could make a Dark Dark Sword. :/
To make a Darker Sword
Stomp is a really great WA, but it's sad that in spite of that, the Dark Sword gets short end of the stick. The 2-handed moveset of straight swords is generally inferior to the 1-handed moveset, and the Dark Sword has that awkward strong attack. Its Stomp also does not launch people into the air, and only deals about 450~ damage, 100 less than a GS stomp, and 200 less than a UGS stomp, which is disappointing. Couple that with its short range, lack of poise, the fact that majority of its 2H attacks are vertical strikes, and that its ability to stagger people is trumped by heavier weapons with Stomp, the Dark Sword is in an uncanny valley right now. You can only really maximize its potential with a WA shield., but then people will get salty because it seems like you're just a shield-toting, normal attack spamming casual.
Okay, you realize a straight should deal less damage than a GS/UGS, right? Also, of course it’s going to have less stagger than bigger weapons, that’s kind of the point of using a big weapon.
Well iv never really liked the dark sword anyway, longsword is my waifu.
Read this comment and tried the Dark Sword, about couple or so dozen duels. He's technically right. Dark Sword is really weird in overall moveset. It has a strange strong attack, its attack range becomes narrower when 2h, and because 1h normal attacks for straight swords are more viable, you don't find yourself in a position to use the WA often, unless you use a WA shield. Pre-nerf Dark Sword could contend with other straight swords because it had better damage output, in spite of its weird moveset. Now it's just an awkward-to-use 2nd rate sword, passed over in favor of simpler better straight swords, and GS/UGS weapons which naturally have more poise and are more feasibly 2-handed.
its good with a WA shield to armor through hits
I use this sword because a lot of people with hack saves will pull out their hacked repeating crossbows that fire great arrows
You're joking, do you really think this twig will do anything against a hacker who can do that?
Aside from the WA, this isn't really a special weapon. The nerfs done to its scaling and its frames make it second-rate compared to other straight swords, which is a real shame because no other weapon has the stylish R2.
It stomps. You idiot.


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Should be called Dark Paddle.
I smell a twink gank spanker
you can get this from the high wall...