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Dark Souls 2 is my first game in the series and I am into getting the fourth Great Soul and am loving this game so much! Obviously being my first game coming into it I wasn't sure if I would enjoy it before playing it and so bought the game pre-owned, this turned out to be a mistake as now I don't have access to the DLC codes as I am sure I'm going to want to play them after finishing the main game. So I was wondering if the is there is anyway of playing the DLCs without completely re-purchasing a new copy of DS2 SOTFS. Thanks :)


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If you bought the PS4 version, you shouldn't need any codes. Find the keys and unlock the 3 doors.



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In the previus version of the game (PS3) you had to buy all the three DLCs but, on PS4, as said before, all the DLCs are included so you won't need any code
Refer to this page to learn where to find the three Keys in SOTFS

The keys you need are:

- Heavy Iron Key (DLC Crown of the Old Iron King)
- Dragon Talon (DLC Crown of the Sunken King)
- Frozen Flower (DLC Crown of the Ivory King)