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I'm back into Ds2 PVP after a while apart. I usually do dedicated character builds with almost no magic and dual wielding is my favorite. Let me know what you think of my main one. I win pretty consistently and yes I can fast roll at that VIT.


Starting Class: Swordsman

VIG: 40
END: 50
VIT: 10
ATT: 6
STR: 50
DEX: 50
ADP: 35
INT: 7
FTH: 5

RH: Sun Sword +10 -AR 468
LH: Sun Sword +10 -AR 468
RH2: Dagger +10 -AR 307

Faraam Helmet +10
Faraam Armor +10
Faraam Gauntlets +10
Faraam Boots +10
(I really like this set if you couldn't tell #FashionSouls)

Flynn's Ring
Ring of Blades +2
Chloranthy Ring +2
Third Dragon Ring

The plan is to use the varied moveset of the Sun sword powerstanced for even more moves and max out damage on the swords. I also keep a dagger backup for backstabs and the like. Buff with gold pine resin (NoMagic!) for a boost. RobFlynn is an obvious choice for these lighter fast weapons. If I have runners with a sliver of health or just wanna chip away I keep throwing knife hotkeyed.

40 VIG because I don't like dying.

50 END for tons of rolls, I can get 8 R1 off as well and 4 full powerstanced attacks. Chloranthy gets us back into action fast.

10 VIT to take advantage of RobFlynn (Free 100 AR) Third Dragon Ring helps keep us under 70%, the extra health and stamina is a great bonus as well.

50 STR/DEX for max sunsword damage due to A/A scaling.

35 ADP for 105+ agility, I roll a lot.

ATT/INT/FTH are base because there's no magic involved.

Well that's about it guys, if I missed anything or if there are any questions just ask!