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The Witcher Geralt could have decided to break neutrality and could have brokered an alliance between the Clans of Skellige and Radovid. The Island Vikings remain neutral in the story but direct their raids south upon Nilfgaardian shores. MINOR SPOILERS..

If your complete Kings Gambit side quest helping Hjalmar to defeat the Ice Giant, then helping Cerys exorcise the Hym demon from Udalryk, and finally helping Cerys prove Birna guilty of instigating the Berserker attack with poisoned mead in an attempt to slaughter all claimants to the throne then Cerys will sit on the throne as High King. Also you could decide to help Hjalmar to sit on the throne but I haven't seen how that turns out but both seem like they would listen to Geralt if he, by some reason of his own (be it to get Emyr of his back, be it to prevent what seems like part of the prophecy of Ithilene from coming to pass or whatever, take your pick) decides to take a side in the world that he is a part of no matter if he or anyone at all likes or wants to admit that, even this mutant has to make his life in this world.

So maybe its time to stop sitting on the sidelines and letting the world state be what it will be and atleast make one or two moves in the game so as not to be consumed to the point where his neutrality does separate him from the world. Even separating him from needs because he never deigned to direct his fate in a different direction by effecting the world thus it turns on him because of his failure to act. Redanian alongside the Clans of Great Skellige would possibly push Nilfgaard back closer to the Yaruga or atleast to Sodden. Raiders hitting the black ones from the shore using deceptive guerilla like tactics while also mounting a primary assault from the pontar, they could cut Nilfgaards army in half and perhaps even catch Emyr var Emrys in the middle with nowhere to dance.

Then, with the help of Roche and Djkstra, Radovid Is assassinated before he can celebrate his victory. Roche anc Djkstra with the help of Yennefer could then find a good replacement and unite the 5 kingdoms. Also if Saskia and Iorveth are still alive, if that's cannon, then this is definetally something that COULD of happened. I would of loved it. They could definetally write a Witcher series that was structured in the same tight 3rd person perspective as Game of Thrones with Geralt's being only ONE of the central character arcs.

I haven't played the DLCs but IMO the lack of perspective we get on the War with Nilfgaard and its events was disappointing or under delivered. AT the end of Assassins of Kings, the Nilfgaardian army marching across the Yaruga was the big epilogue that sets up a sequel. But they just used that and made it serve solely as background noise. The world of the Witcher in the game universe/cannon is frozen mid conflict it seems. We don't seem to reach a good resolution on a lot of the built up plot threads.

Blood and Wine looks great and its been said to be great, better than the original story but I just don't see how as it seems more like another collection of short stories set in Toussaint. It also just doesn't seem like it should be the Final Adventure for Geralt. Shouldn't his Arc end on a epic scale?


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That might sound good idea, but imo, it's not.

The witcher is down the line a monster hunter, maybe he made some big decisions before, but that's the circumstances that put them in his way, not his careful planning and predictions and foresight.

He have a code to follow, a reputation to keep, a goal to achieve, and some very dangerous nasty things to get rid of. Being natural helps him in every way and every path, and vice versa. He don't have enough motivations to push back the empire as well, and he have no guarantee that the alternatives is better. So why he would fight it?

If the protagonist was someone else, it would make sense, but not Geralt