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I'm currently still Lv.151. I use medium armor, preferably warrior of the west sets... but sometimes i switch things up. I also sometimes use Odachi as my 2nd weapon.

And which GS combination should i use? from what i tested so far, i like Kato, Suzaku, Izuna, daiba-washi, and paired raiken.

Of course some points in onmyo and ninjutsu is a must as well, but which skills should i take from them?

As for my playstyle, i like using the katana's flowing shadow skill and counter moves like backwave and haze.

PS: forgot to mention that i haven't reached NG+ yet and still on the Dragon North dlc and also haven't tried abyss yet. So my current build certainly won't be OP, since i don't have the high lvl weapons, armors, and accessories. Though not much, but at least i want to be more powerful than i'm now. Cuz i'm still sometimes struggled against some enemies and bosses.



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I just made a good one https://nioh.wiki.fextralife.com/Rakuyo's+Sword+Build

My onmyo / ninjutsu preferences don't tend to depend on my weapon choice.

As for Guardian Spirits, I usually pick Fuse-ushi, Blue Dragon and Tengen Kujaku.
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The Dragon Ninja set is OP. You can get it in the last DLC.

End game the Dragon Ninja set is insane! You can hit for 40-50k with mid stance quick attacks with a katana with +40 gear, and 250k+ Iai draws. I'm at abyss 130 something, and I've just been smoking everything. I'm on the PC version. The build is so OP that I've been accused of hacking in coop. Like it's pointless for me to even coop with people, because they just think I'm hacking, and they'll end up just blocking me. I haven't even bothered to upgrade my gear, even though i've gotten higher level gear drops. I can already OHKO bosses, what is upgrading my weapon going to do? OHKO them harder? 1 Iai draw to the back, and any boss is dumpstered. Sloth is usually bad in WoTN, but if all you need out of a sloth talisman is one opening to slip an Iai draw in, it still worths. Sloth, then oneshot. You can also cheese the living crap out of human opponents with the shuriken spam, and spam them until they're out of ki, then go in for the finish.

Here is the build: