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What ever happened to a honorable fight? I have only had X-Box live gold for only two weeks. In those two weeks, all i´ve done is Co-Op. During that time I have seen meany things, ninja flipping havels, chaos great scythe wielding golden-hammered set players, Ninja cosplayers with poison arrows with the composite bow and chaos infused katakana.... And meany others have invaded me and the host, but i was able to save the host at the cost of my characters life. other times not so much, but i always gave the host a humanity for my failure. But, I have grown tired of Co-Op, i guess not many players are going for the bosses in the optional anymore. So, i made a level 44 invader to see a bit more action. I quickly regraded that. I put my red sign down and get summoned only to see its a two on one and/or they heal constantly... They gank and and heal and they send ME messages acting like they are the pros. I haven't even PvPed for two days and i am already starting to hate it.

SO, with my rant out of the way and me now feeling better to get all of that out. If anyone would like to have an Honorable fight, i am a level 44, velka cleric that can be fond in the catacombs. Message me for more details or a change of location @ De4dm4n 0202.


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Hey man you sound like cool ppl. Im on xbox 360 Thr3drinkdonkey hmu


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Yeah sure, i am a level 120 RB spamming havel monster that can be found in blighttown



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laserbreak wrote:Yeah sure, i am a level 120 RB spamming havel monster that can be found in blighttown

SL 120 invasions in Blightown? I can't get any invasions at sl 120 except for forest and Anor Londo