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The "chant" appears to buff enemies even if you don't meet the requirements to use the weapon. As a base level cleric I was able to buff the NPC before the fight with Pinwheel. The NPC showed the "buff" smoke and killed Pinwheel in about 3 shots (difficult to count, it was pretty fast). This was the first time I'd ever seen the trident drop--ever--since the first time I've played the game in 2011.
Leeroy already kills pinwheel in 3 hits nerd

I meant buff "allies", not enemies.
I was honestly expecting this to be a catalyst but being a dance stick is great too.
The drop rate for this is weapon is atrocious. With 410 item discovery I had to kill 76 Channelers before it popped. Now, I know that it can be fickle and someone will probably come along and say they got it on the first kill... well good for you then. The droprate is a game of probability and statistics -- but "averagely" speaking, this item is a b*tch to get.
What do they mean by it's Enchantable?
You can use spell buffs on it
Anyone able to drop this weopon for me it’s all I’m missing for my platinum and been farming it for ages. I’ll help by dropping weopons, rings, armour etc. Add me on psn thenotoriousjizm
I got one in the ****ing network test :) now I'm grinding for it to get the knight's honor.
Yo, so if anyone could drop this or trade it for all my materials then that'd be great. Trying to get Knight's Honor and this one is a **** to get.

My Level is 107.
We can meet up at the fog gate right outside Bed of Chaos.
If you don't want the materials I can pop in a fire keepers soul and/or five rings of your choice instead.

PSN: Coconut_of_Doom.
Message me when you friend me so I know who you are. I am fickle with random friend requests.

Thanks! :)
NVM, i got it. Thanks 4 nothing guys.
Umm I know it's trash guys but this is for who's tired of farming "don't give up buddy i got it after an houer of suffering so just keep going and happy platinum"